10 Ways You Can be a Better Raleigh NC Pet Owner

Want to Be a Better Raleigh NC Pet Owner?

National Pet Day

Looking for ways that you can become a better Raleigh NC pet owner? There are plenty, but today we’re looking at a few good ones to get you started!

In honor of pets everywhere, we encourage you to take a look at these 10 ways that you can be a better Raleigh NC pet owner!

Feed them the highest quality food that you can afford.

Remember, the price of a food does not necessarily reflect it’s quality! Learn how to read the ingredients and to know what your pet’s sensitivities are if any.

Keep up with annual exams!

Annual exams are important not only to track any changes in your pet’s health but also to ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Ask About Titers!

As your pet gets older or if they are ailing, ask your veterinarian about titers. Titers are a great way to determine whether your pet requires vaccinations or whether they still have immunity to the diseases and illnesses in question. Running titers is a great way to avoid vaccinating older or more frail dogs and risking the potential for vaccine reactions or slow recovery.

Keep up regular dental care!

Just like humans, your pet’s dental health can affect their overall health. Poor dental hygiene can lead to oral abscesses, decay, tooth loss, digestive issues, poor heart health and much more! In addition to regular home dental cleaning using a toothbrush or bones, we also recommend veterinary dental cleanings as needed.

Don’t feed people foods!

It’s tempting to feed our pets people food. The fact of the matter is, however, that our pets do not digest or tolerate the foods that we eat. Feeding people foods to your pet can lead to increased plaque, gas, diarrhea, pancreatitis, and obesity.

Maintain regular exercise!

Exercise, both physical and mental, is crucial to your pet’s health and happiness. Whether you are playing a game with your pet or taking them for a walk, it’s important to offer this type of stimulation daily.

Spay and neuter!

This isn’t news to most pet owners. Spaying and neutering make your pet happier because your males aren’t pining after neighborhood females and your females aren’t going through heat. Spaying and neutering also ensure that your pets are healthier. Pets that are altered have a much-reduced risk of cancer as well as infections of the uterus, accidental pregnancy, lowered aggression due to competition over a mate, less marking behavior in males, and many more reduced health risks.

Pet them!

No matter what type of pet you have, bonding and one on one time is an important way to let your pet know that you are there and that you care for them. No matter what species, most animal societies provide each other with this type of comfort and as your pets family, you should meet this need.

Don’t abandon them!

Whether you are relegating your pet to life as an “outside” pet, giving them away due to allergies, or dropping them at the shelter – remember that your pet has always been there for you. They have given you their all and you are the only family that they know. It is your responsibility to provide them with a comfortable life where they want for nothing (including companionship.) If you expect to have allergies, expect to be moving, don’t want your pet living indoors, or don’t think that you can commit to a pet for a lifetime – please don’t get a pet. Doing any of the things mentioned above not only break your pet’s spirit, but they can also contribute to health problems such as heartworms and feline AIDS.

Pay attention to your pet!

By this, we mean that you should get to know your pet’s behaviors, habits, and overall health. You are your pet’s first point of contact when they are sick, uncomfortable, or experiencing pain. Knowing your pet’s behaviors, habits, and health will help you to determine when your pet is feeling “off” and perhaps why they are feeling off. Whether your pet is uncomfortable and about to bite or run out of fear, has a cut/sore/bite that you cannot see, has a tummy upset, or a fever, you should be able to determine that your pet isn’t themselves and seek veterinary care.

There are plenty more ways that you can be a great pet owner! We welcome your tips and suggestions in the comments below!!

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