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Raleigh Veterinarians Congratulate NC State College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Dean Paul Lunn!

Raleigh veterinarians are excited to congratulate NC State College of Veterinary Medicine dean, Paul Lunn. Dean Lunn was named one of six recipients of the second annual LGBT+ Veterinary Awareness Award yesterday! The award, presented by the Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association (BSVSA), based in College Station, Texas, is designed to recognize faculty members, veterinary medical students, or […]

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Raleigh Vets Want to Remind You Of the Importance of Rabies Vaccinations!

Raleigh vets are warning pet owners of the importance of staying up to date with your pet’s rabies vaccination and for good reason! Back in early April of this year in northeast Raleigh, a family dog had a confrontation with a raccoon. The dog ended up killing the raccoon, but once the raccoon was collected […]

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Leesville is the Only Raleigh Animal Hospital Offering Hydrotherapy!

Did you know that Leesville Animal Hospital is the only Raleigh animal hospital that owns their own hydrotherapy tank? In fact, we have an entire room dedicated to our hydrotherapy services where we get our patients warmed up, worked out, and stretched and iced afterward! But why do you need a Raleigh animal hospital that […]

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Mobile Vet Raleigh: Is a Mobile Vet the Right Choice For You?

Mobile vet Raleigh services are all over the triangle, but is a mobile vet the right choice for you and your pet? Mobile vets might seem like a convenient solution for your pet’s vet care but mobile vet Raleigh services aren’t always the best choice for every pet. Today we want to talk about why […]

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5 Things Vets in Raleigh Want You to Know

Vets in Raleigh know that there is a ton of information to manage as a pet owner. Sometimes the sheer amount of information you are expected to remember can be overwhelming Sometimes the sheer amount of information you are expected to remember can be overwhelming. This is why we implement a reminder system here at […]

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Differences Between Indoor Cats And Outdoor Cats

Many people decide to take in pets based upon their childhood experiences with the same pet. For some people, that means choosing a Maine Coon over a tabby cat, but for others that means choosing to have an “outdoor cat” rather than an “indoor cat”. Today we want to talk about some of the differences […]

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Did You Know That Leesville Animal Hospital Offers An Adoption Discount?

Adoption and rescue are causes that are very close to our hearts here at Leesville Animal Hospital which is why we offer an adoption discount! One rescue we work very closely with here in Raleigh is the Doberman Rescue of North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t support all rescue organizations! Have you […]

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6 Benefits of Our Raleigh Dog Boarding Facility!

We happen to think that our Raleigh dog boarding facility is the best of the best. Yes, we know that all of the Raleigh boarding kennels say that, but a walk around our facility will show you just how true it is. Don’t have time to schedule a tour of our facility this week? Allow us the […]

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5 Things Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You to Know!

Did you know that there are things that veterinarians in Raleigh don’t want you to know? Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we believe in full transparency. We know that the more informed you are as a pet owner, the better decisions you can make for your fur-kids! This is exactly why today we want to […]

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