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What You Need to Know About Dogs in Hot Cars

We hear it all the time that dogs in hot cars are in danger of overheating…but what does that mean? When is it too hot? When is your dog in danger of overheating? What do you do if you see a dog in a hot car? What is legal to do in NC? Don’t worry, […]

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Learn More About the Canine Flu From Merck!

Canine flu is still of concern to vets in the triangle! In a recent article here on our blog, we talked about the dog flu and how it has begun affecting dogs in the triangle. We featured an article from Dr. Pearce’s talks with WRAL. Since posting that article, we have had quite a few […]

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Have You Guessed Lola’s Breed Yet? Win A Dog DNA Test For Your Dog!

Win a dog DNA test for your dog today at Leesville Animal Hospital! Have you already sent in your entry for our “Who’s Your Daddy” contest? If not, don’t worry because there is still enough time to get your entry sent via email! If you haven’t heard about our doggy DNA kit contest, allow us […]

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Raleigh NC Cat Boarding Doesn’t Get Any Easier!

Raleigh NC cat boarding may seem like a tough thing to come by, but here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we’ve got you covered! Whether you are spending the day moving and need a few hours of boarding or whether you are going out of town for a month, we can help. What makes our cat […]

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Raleigh Vets Are Keeping Their Eyes On the Canine Influenza Virus!

Canine influenza is creeping its way around the Triangle and many dog owners are getting nervous. Recently, Dr. Pearce had the opportunity to talk to WRAL about this highly contagious virus and how you can be proactive in protecting your dogs. What Leesville Animal Hospital Wants You to Know About Canine Influenza Dr. Pearce recently […]

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Don’t Forget to Enter to Win Your Free Dog DNA Testing Kit!

If you haven’t dropped by in a while, you may not have seen our recent contest to win a free dog DNA testing kit! During the month of June, we are offering all of our clients the chance to win a free Royal Canin dog DNA testing kit. All you have to do is take a […]

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10 Reasons Why Leesville Should Be Your Animal Hospital Raleigh NC!

Have you ever wondered why Leesville should be your animal hospital Raleigh NC? Well, wonder no more, because today we are talking about just that! Not only are we talking about it, but we’re talking about it depth as we cover TEN reasons why Leesville Animal Hospital should be your go to clinic! 10 Reasons […]

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A Vet Raleigh NC That Offers Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Have you been looking for a vet Raleigh NC that offers hydrotherapy for dogs? Then, look no further because we have just what you are looking for! There are very few veterinary services in the Raleigh NC area that offer hydrotherapy services to their clients – Leesville Animal Hospital is one of them! Today we […]

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Who Owns Your Animal Hospital Raleigh? Meet Dr. Pearce!

Who owns your animal hospital Raleigh? Meet Dr. Pearce, the owner of and one of our amazing vets on staff here at Leesville Animal Hospital! All too often, animal hospitals don’t tell you enough about their business and the people behind it. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we believe that you should not only get […]

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