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Raleigh NC Vet Clinics Share 10 Important Pet Grooming Habits

Raleigh NC vet clinics want you to know just how important it is to keep up with your pet’s grooming habits. Regular grooming isn’t just necessary to keep your pet comfortable, but it’s also a huge part of your pet’s general health. Take a look at these ten mandatory pet grooming habits that you need […]

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What Should You Expect From Top Raleigh Vets?

What should you expect from top Raleigh vets? Every vet in the area claims to be the top vet in Raleigh and every pet parent want to think that their vet is the best around…but do you really know what makes a good vet? Today we’re going to cover some of the things that every […]

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10 Top Vet Raleigh Tips For a Stress-Free Visit to Your Vet

Today we’re sharing 10 top vet Raleigh tips for a stress-free visit to your vet! It’s not uncommon for cats and dogs to be anxious about vet visits just as it’s not uncommon for humans to be anxious about visiting the doctor, but there are some things that you can do to help to relieve […]

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Raleigh NC Vets Share 10 Things Your Pet Wishes You Knew

Raleigh NC vets spend their days around various species and that experience gives them an insight that the average pet parent doesn’t have. So, today, Raleigh NC vets are dropping in with 10 things that your pet wishes you knew, advice based on decades of animal care. Raleigh NC Vets Share 10 Things Your Pet […]

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What Are Lipomas?

What are lipomas? It’s a question we hear often from our clients here at Leesville Animal Hospital. Finding a lump on your dog, no matter where it is located or how big or small it is can be terrifying for any pet owner. More often than not, however, these lumps turn out to be nothing […]

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Pet Grooming Raleigh NC Can Count On

Have you been looking for pet grooming that Raleigh NC recommends? If so, look no further because Leesville Animal Hospital has an incredible pet groomer and pet grooming facility who can meet your every grooming need! Why Leesville Animal Hospital Has Pet Grooming Raleigh NC Can Trust A pet groomer is one of those professionals […]

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Dog And Cat Boarding In Raleigh NC!

If you are looking for a reliable boarding service for your dog or cat in Raleigh, NC then look no further because Leesville Animal Hospital has just what you need! Boarding in Raleigh NC With Leesville Animal Hospital With staff on hand at Leesville Animal Hospital every day of the week you don’t have to […]

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Does My Pet a Really Need An Annual Vet Visit?

Does my pet really need an annual vet visit? It’s not an uncommon question and we hear it from plenty of our clients. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we know that owning a pet can sometimes be expensive. But is an annual visit is really necessary for your pet even when money is so tight? […]

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What Are Cat Hairballs?

Today here on the Leesville Animal Hospital blog, we want to talk about cat hairballs! We know, it’s not the most pleasant topic, but it’s one that’s important to understand if you are a cat parent or plan on being one in the near future! What Are Cat Hairballs? If you have ever owned a […]

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