4 Accessories To Consider Bringing For Your Pet Picture with Santa This Saturday!

Okay, guys! This is it! We are just FOUR days away from our pet pictures with Santa event!

Yesterday we shared with you a few things that you should know before you drop by for your pet’s picture with Santa. One of those things was that not every pet likes to be dressed up. With that said, however, some pets revel in the attention that being dressed up brings. So today, since there are just FOUR DAYS LEFT until our pictures with Santa, we wanted to share four of our favorite Pet accessories for pictures with Santa!

Reindeer Antlers For Dogs

1. Reindeer Antlers

We know that you have watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas! We would be lying if we said that we didn’t just love little Max and his one horn tied to his head, but reindeer antlers are just as cute.

If you want to snag some reindeer antlers for your pup for this weekend’s pet pictures with Santa here at Leesville, you can get this adorable pair for $3 at Petsmart!

The Elf Hat For Dogs

2. The Elf Hat

If you have a little mischief maker on your hands or a happy go lucky furball, then the elf hat could be just what you are looking for to add a little something extra to your pet picture with Santa! Plus, this hat is even better than the average one because it has bells on!

Want to grab this hat for your pup before their picture with Santa here at Leesville this Saturday? You will find this one at Petsmart as well and whether you get the small or large, you will pay only $3!

Santa's Little Helper

3. The Santa’s Little Helper Pajamas

Okay, the picture of any dog in pajamas is absolutely adorable, but these “Santa’s little helper” PJ’s are so perfect for pictures with Santa! Just make sure that your dog doesn’t mind wearing them first!

If you do want to grab these for your pictures on Saturday, head over to Petco and you’ll find them for $13.99 or less!

Santa Dog Costume

4. Santa

Yes, we are telling you to dress your dog as Santa while they pose with Santa because this Santa dog costume is the most incredible thing you will ever see. It makes your dog look just like a little Santa when he walks! This is a costume that requires the most patient dog, though, so don’t push your luck if your dog isn’t game!

You can find this costume at PetCo. for $17.59 or less depending on which size you need.


We’ll Be Expecting You!

So, now you have some really great ideas to make the most of your pet’s picture with Santa, we expect to see you first in line on Saturday! We’ll be there with bells on between noon and 2pm at 9309 Leesville Rd., Raleigh, NC 27613! Have any questions? Give us a call at (919)870-7000!

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