5 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian Raleigh

Veterinarian RaleighWhether it is your first checkup visit with a veterinarian Raleigh or just a checkup with your regular veterinarian there are questions that you should ask your vet on every annual visit!

Knowing what questions to ask at each visit to your vet will help you to keep track of your pet’s health. These questions will also help you to provide your pet with the best care possible.

We recommend writing down these questions so that you can remember to ask them on each visit. We also recommend taking a pen and paper (or your smartphone) to write down the answers!

5 Questions to Ask at Your Checkup with Your Pet’s Veterinarian Raleigh!

1. Are there any changes in my pet’s health that I should be concerned about?

This is an important question to ask EVERY time you visit your veterinarian Raleigh! Over time our pets develop lumps, bumps, and even rashes. It’s important to note and track any of these changes at home. When visiting your veterinarian, however, there are some changes that they can track that you cannot. These changes include heart murmurs, changes in nerve conduction, and changes in senses.

2. Are there any health changes I should be watching for in the coming year?

Pet health changes on an individual basis, but some changes come with early predictors. These changes include changes in the structure of the eye which can lead to sight loss over time. These changes may also include habits such as licking that may cause granulomas if they are not addressed. Ask your vet if there are any of these changes that should be monitored and or addressed over the coming year.

3. Do you recommend any preventative supplements or activities to help my pet age well? 

Depending on your pet’s health and age, your vet may be able to recommend some supplements or activities that can help your pet to age well. For example, larger breed dogs may benefit from the addition of fish oils and glucosamine supplements to aid in preventing joint deterioration. Ask your vet if there is anything you can do to help your dog to age with grace!

4. Are there any adjustments I should consider to my pet’s diet?

Your pet’s age, current weight, and health conditions all play a role in what and how much your dog should eat. For example, if your dog is overweight, you will want to look at feeding fewer calories per day to facilitate weight loss. If your cat has urine crystals, they may benefit from a diet developed for kidney health. In addition, aging generally results in less activity which results in a need for fewer calories per day. Ask your vet if you should be making any changes to your pet’s diet.

5. Is my pet due for any vaccines and are those vaccines mandatory?

Different veterinary clinics implement different vaccination schedules. Some vets, for example, insist on annual vaccinations even though some vaccinations do not need to be given annually. Here at Leesville, we don’t follow this protocol, we keep up with the most recent research that states that certain vaccinations can be given at longer intervals due to extended immunity. Find out what vaccinations your pet is due for at each annual visit and make sure to ask if those vaccinations are mandatory! Over vaccination can do more harm than good!

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