5 Things Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You to Know!

5 Things Veterinarians in Raleigh Don't Want You to Know!Did you know that there are things that veterinarians in Raleigh don’t want you to know?

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we believe in full transparency. We know that the more informed you are as a pet owner, the better decisions you can make for your fur-kids!

This is exactly why today we want to address five things veterinarians in Raleigh don’t want you to know and why they’re important to you!


5 Things Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You to Know!

We Don't Have All the Answers

1. Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You To Know – We Don’t Have All the Answers

Most veterinarians would like you to believe that they know everything about everything. This simply isn’t the case. Just like general practice physicians, as non-specialist veterinarians, we have a broad knowledge of veterinary medicine that helps us to help you and your fur-kids. Because we have such a broad skill-set, however, we don’t always have answers to some more particular questions or questions within particular specialty fields.

While most veterinarians would like you to believe that they know it all, our veterinarians pride themselves on having a vast network of professional veterinary specialists who are well equipt to answer such questions. We know that it isn’t possible to know it all, but we almost always know someone who can help if we don’t know the answer ourselves!

We Aren't All Nutritional Specialists

2. Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You To Know – We Aren’t All Nutritional Specialists

Of course, we know your pet’s nutritional needs and we try to stay on top of the most recent introductions to the pet food market, but the truth is that we don’t know everything about all of the different diet options out there!

Many vets out there like to pretend that they know everything about canine nutrition, but in actuality, if the focus of their studies wasn’t animal nutrition, they don’t always know what they’re talking about! Take, for example, raw feeding. A lot of vets shut down pet owners as soon as they ask about the option of raw feeding simply because they don’t know enough about it. Here at Leesville, we believe that different animals thrive with different diets and if we don’t know enough about a diet you are considering we don’t mind recommending you to a professional canine nutritionist who can help!

Corporate Owned Veterinary Clinics Charge You More

3. Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You To Know – Corporate Owned Veterinary Clinics Charge You More

There is no doubt that veterinary care can be expensive at times, but did you know that you will almost always pay more at a corporate owned veterinary clinic? The vets who work for corporate-owned veterinary clinics receive monthly bonuses based on how much money they bring into their clinic. Of course, this drives prices up and you end up paying for it!

As a small family owned clinic, here at Leesville we do everything we can to make your pet’s veterinary care more affordable. We know that you work hard for your money and we want to make sure that you know that we are dedicated to maximizing every dollar you earn.

Vaccination Recommendations For Your Pet Change

4. Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You To Know – Vaccination Recommendations For Your Pet Change

As veterinary research has progressed, it has been revealed that not all pet vaccinations need to be given annually. Often our pets maintain their immunity to certain illnesses over multiple years. What does this mean? It means that the vaccinations that veterinarians once recommended once a year, can be effective for three years! Of course, this isn’t the case for all vaccinations, but many veterinarians are still demanding that pet owners give all vaccinations on an annual basis.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital in Raleigh, we don’t believe that profit should ever come before your pet’s health! That is why we follow the most recent research on vaccines and follow the newest vaccine recommendations for your pet.

We Have Bad Days Too

5. Veterinarians in Raleigh Don’t Want You To Know – We Have Emotions Too!

At many veterinary clinics, it’s frowned upon to reveal that you have feelings! These clinics value profit so much that their veterinarians are encouraged to move quickly from one patient to the next without getting close to any of their clients.

At smaller owned family clinics like ours, however, we spend time getting to know all of our patients and their pet-parents and that means that sometimes, we have bad days! It means that sometimes the reason we are 10-minutes late to your appointment is because we had to put an old friend to sleep and needed a moment to regroup before coming to your exam room. It means that we ask grace and understanding from you because sometimes our job isn’t easy. It also means, however, that we give you our all because your pets are part of our family.

Do you think that Leesville Animal Hospital might be a good match for you and your pet? Give us a call today at (919)870-7000 and we’ll be glad to make an appointment to talk to you about your veterinary needs!


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