5 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Pet Pictures With Santa

Santa ClausThere are only FIVE days left until our pet pictures with Santa this Saturday from noon to 2pm!

So, in recognition of those 5 days, today we want to share with you five things you need to know before taking pet pictures with Santa. Whether you take pictures at Leesville this Saturday (December 10) or whether you choose to visit Santa at another one of his events this year, take note!

1. Pictures with Santa Can be Overwhelming

If this is the first time that you are bringing your pet to visit Santa, keep in mind that they may feel nervous or overwhelmed.

You know your pet best. If you know that your pup gets easily overwhelmed and may not enjoy a visit with Santa, try doing something else with them instead. We recommend pictures at home or at your favorite park. Just take a few Christmas themed props and a friend to hold the camera!

2. Not Every Pet Likes to Be Dressed Up

Some of our clients love to show up to take pictures with Santa with costumes for their pet! While we love seeing all of the fun things you come up with, remember that your pet’s comfort is paramount.

If your pet shows signs that they don’t like wearing a costume or prop, don’t push them to do so!

This point always reminds us of the scene in the Christmas Story where Ralphie is forced to wear the pink bunny suit – don’t turn your pup into Ralphie!

3. Be Considerate of Others

We want every one of our amazing clients to have a great experience with Santa, but as you know, at this time of year, Santa only has so much free time! This means that while we want your fur-kids to have their chance to visit with Santa, we want to make sure that everyone else gets a chance to get their wishlist in as well. Help us to do this by being ready for your pet’s picture when it’s their turn and by stepping aside after your pet’s picture so that we can keep the line moving!

4. Please Remember That Other Pets Will Be Visiting!

A small portion of our furry clients here at Leesville are lone wolves. That is, they don’t much care for the company of others. Please understand that while we want every one of our friends to have a chance to meet Santa, it is important that you take everyone’s safety into consideration.

During our event, there will be other pets in the area, perhaps in close proximity. If your pet has trouble feeling comfortable around other animals, please take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. You may decide that a muzzle until your dog’s turn with Santa is best or you may find that it is in your pup’s best interest to write a letter to Santa instead.

5. PLEASE Consider Donating

This year, we are asking that all of our family and friends who drop by to visit Santa consider making a donation during their visit. All donations that we collect on the day of our Santa pictures will go directly to Wags 4 Tags (you can read more about this amazing charity here). While we all get so much enjoyment out of our pet pictures with Santa event, we want something bigger to come out of this event – we want to help our returning veterans.

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