6 Of Our Favorite Dog Halloween Costumes This Year!

Each year here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we try to run a Halloween costume contest for our furry friends and we always have so much fun seeing all of the costumes! We have had some really cute costumes in the past and today we want to share a few of our current favorite costumes on the market to help you get your furry friend ready for the holiday!

Dog Bumble Bee Costume1. The Bumblebee Dog Costume

This one is one of our favorites, especially for the little pups! Almost every store that sells dog Halloween costumes has their own version of this costume and they’re all as cute as each other!

Frog Prince Costume for Dogs

2. The Frog Prince Dog Costume by Zelda

This Frog Prince dog Halloween costume is made by Zelda and it’s absolutely adorable! This is a great choice for the stockier dog breeds out there since the costume has a little give!

Super Dog Costume

3. Rubies Big Dog Super Dog Costume

We really love this Super Dog costume by Rubies because they made a special version designed to fit our larger doggie friends! So often dog Halloween costumes are only made to fit smaller breeds, so this one is a breath of fresh air – plus, it’s just fabulous!

Top Paw Caterpillar Dog Costume

4. The Top Paw Caterpillar Dog Costume

The Top Paw caterpillar dog costume is a really colorful and light costume that adds a little more playfulness to what is usually a darker occasion. We love this one for smaller breed or longer bodied dogs like Dachshunds!

Pumpkin Dog Costume

5. The Pumpkin Dog Costume

The pumpkin dog costume is always a safe fallback for Halloween because almost every store will carry it and it never fails to look absolutely amazing on just about any breed of dog out there. Personally, we love this one for those grinning pities!

Dog Tuxedo

6. The Dog Tuxedo

This is a fabulous costume, not only because it looks great, but also because you can pull it out and use it for your special occasions as well. Dress your pup up as James Bond for Halloween and have them prepared for your sister’s wedding with one costume! Plus, this one comes in all sizes from Chihuahua to mastiff!

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume this year? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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