7 Reasons Why You Should Drop By to Support Wags 4 Tags on 12/10

Wags 4 Tags at Leesville Animal Hospital 12/10We are just one week away from our pet pictures with Santa event here at Leesville Animal Hospital at 9309 Leesville Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613 on 12/10 from noon to 2pm and yes, we are STILL as excited as ever!

What are we so excited about? Well, in addition to all of the fabulous pets and pet parents who show up to see us, we are super excited to be collecting donations for Wags 4 Tags!

Wags4Tags is a non-profit organization here in North Carolina who dedicate themselves to providing support and companion dogs to returning veterans. These dogs are fully trained to provide the necessary services to their returning veteran parents and best of all, they are all dogs who have been rescued from life in the shelter! That’s a win-win!

It came to our attention this week that some of you aren’t familiar with Wags 4 Tags, though! So, we thought that today we would share with you 7 reasons why you should drop in to support them on 12/10 from 12pm to 2pm during our pet pictures with Santa event!

Rescued Shelter Dogs

1. Wags4Tags Rescue, Train, and Place Shelter Dogs with Veterans in Need!

This may sound like other organizations that you have heard of, but Wags4Tags are different! They rescue shelter dogs in need and use their own Wags4Tags training academy and family of foster parents to care for and train dogs until they are placed with their veteran parent!

2. Wags4Tags Don’t Charge Our Military Veterans A THING!

Wags4Tags provide these fully trained companion and emotional support dogs to their future returning veteran parents absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! This is why your donations are so important, so make sure that you don’t forget to donate whatever you can manage when you drop by on 12/1o for our pet pictures with Santa event!

3. Wags4Tags Provide Support Dogs For More Than PTSD!

Our returning veterans often struggle with many other concerns as well as combat post-traumatic stress disorder. Another concerning issue that faces our returning veterans is MST or military sexual trauma.

MST refers to sexual trauma faced by individuals (both male and female) in the military setting. The dogs trained and provided to veterans by Wags4Tags are capable of helping veterans to cope with their MST experiences as well as the effects of PTSD through companionship and emotional support.

4. All of the Dogs Provided by Wags4Tags are Custom Trained to Best Benefit Their New Pet Parent!

Between the caring foster parents who care for the dogs in the Wags4Tags program while they are being trained and the trainers at the Wags4Tags training school, every dog in the program is given all of the tools that they need to succeed! By providing dogs with custom training approaches that suit their learning style and teaching them the unique skills needed of them by their veteran, the Wags4Tags program sets their dogs up for success. Of course, a successful dog means a veteran who has a trusting and reliable companion!

Veteran Suicide Awareness

5. Wags4Tags Saves Lives

Wags4Tags saves two lives with everyone veteran that they help. With your donations, the Wags4Tags organization takes a dog from a kill shelter in North Carolina and trains them for their companionship duties. That’s one life saved! But, by providing veterans with a companion and emotional support dog, Wags4Tags plays an active role in reducing veteran suicide.

Every DAY, 22 military veterans commit suicide as a result of their experiences. Providing trained emotional support dogs to returning personnel personnel can help to reduce this number. These dogs not only offer companionship to veterans who have difficulty reassimilating to civilian life, but they are also trained to perform soothing tasks that can help to mitigate the symptoms of trauma that often lead to suicide.

6. Wags4Tags Promotes Community Awareness

Through their efforts in providing support dogs to veterans as well as through fundraising across the state, Wags4Tags promote community awareness of veterans.

Unfortunately, many of us forget about the incredible sacrifices that our military veterans make for us throughout their service. Increasing community awareness helps to remind everyone of just what our veterans put on the line for all of us so that we can remember to say thank you. It may seem like a small gesture, but even a simple thank you reminds a veteran that they matter.

7. Wags4Tags Promote Education Among the Public

Wags4Tags don’t only promote community awareness of our military veterans, but they also promote education in regards to PTSD and MST. Through their efforts, Wags4Tags draw attention to these very serious concerns that are often swept under the rug. Increased education for the general public in regards to PTSD and MST help to make them more “acceptable” conditions to talk about paving the way for improved communication between veterans in need and non-veterans.

Wags4Tags Logo

Support Wags4Tags

The many services that Wags4Tags offer to our military community are only made possible through the donations of people like you! That is why fundraising events are so crucial to supporting this incredible program. If you would like to support Wags4Tags in their efforts you can make a donation directly to them via their website or you can drop into our pet pictures with Santa event on Saturday, December, 10th at Leesville Animal Hospital from noon to 2pm! Bring your camera, get a picture of your pet with Santa, and make your donation in person!

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