Affordable Vets in Raleigh NC: How We Help Make Your Experience More Affordable

Affordable Vets in Raleigh NC

Affordable vets in Raleigh, NC can be hard to come by but here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to make your experience more affordable. Today we want to take a quick moment to share some of the ways that we make this happen.

Affordable Vets in Raleigh NC: Making Vet Care More Affordable For You

Often we have clients show up at our clinic asking for help after visiting one of the less affordable vets in Raleigh NC. We know that you want nothing more than to give your pet the best vet care possible, but we also know that that vet care doesn’t have to cost everything in your savings account. That’s why we do everything possible to make sure that our services are affordable as well as quality. How do we manage to do that without skimping on the quality of our care?

We don’t push you to get services that your pet doesn’t need

A lot of vet clinics push their added services onto you as a way to make more money, we don’t believe in this practice. We believe that you know when you want to get your pet bathed or groomed and you don’t need us pushing those services onto you.

We give you options when there are options

When there are options for your pet’s care we let you know what those options are. We don’t force you to choose the most expensive treatment for your pet or shame you for choosing the most affordable route.

We Don’t Charge Ridiculous Added Fees

We know that vet care is often an unexpected expense and while we keep our prices fair, unexpected expenses are always a struggle. We don’t believe that anyone should make an already difficult situation worse which is why we don’t tack on additional fees for things that should already be included in your vet care cost. We’re not here to nickel and dime you to death, we’re here to take care of your pets and keeping them healthy is our priority!

Need Help From Affordable Vets in Raleigh NC?

If you are in need of vet care and have shied away from the exorbitant fees of other vets in Raleigh we encourage you to give us a call. Pick up the phone and dial (919)870-7000 and make your pet an appointment with one of our three amazing vets today!

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