What to Expect at Your Animals First Vet Visit!

Animals first vetAre you wondering what to expect from your animals first vet visit?  Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today so that you know what to expect!

Remember at Your Animals First Vet Visit, You’re in Good Hands

It’s not unusual to feel nervous when you first meet your dog or cat’s new veterinarian. Whether you are coming in because of a veterinary crisis or for an annual checkup, we know that it can be nervewracking. You not only want to make sure that your furry family member is in good hands but also likely have those worried parent butterflies in your belly.

No, it’s not silly, we completely understand it and we think it’s amazing that you care about your pets so much and we want you to know that we care about your pets just as much! (That’s why we became veterinarians!)

So, in an effort to make you feel a little more at ease, we wanted to talk to you today about what you can expect from your animals first vet visit with us!

Your Pets First Vet Visit at Leesville Animal Hospital

Once you have called us at (919)870-7000 and set up your pet’s appointment, you might find it easier to fill in your new patient paperwork at home before you come in. This means you can take your time but you also don’t have to struggle with your pet while filling in paperwork! Just fill it in online and submit it to us before you come!

Then, on the date of your appointment, we ask that you come in a few minutes early so that we can get you checked in.

When you come into our reception, one of our friendly front desk staff will meet you and make sure that we have the paperwork that you filled in online. (If you didn’t fill in your paperwork online, though, make sure that you come in about 15 minutes early so that you can do that before your appointment.)

Once you are checked in, we will ask you to weigh your pet on our veterinary scales in the main lobby. Our front desk staff member will make a note of your pet’s weight in their chart.

After getting your pet’s weight, we may ask you to sit and wait for a few moments in our lobby if you are still running early for your appointment. If we have an exam room free, our front desk staff member will lead you to your pets exam room where you can wait for one of our veterinary technicians to come to you!

We always ask that our veterinary technicians drop in to see you first during your appointment so that they can take your pets basic information (temperature, symptoms, etc.). This helps us to maximize the amount of time that our vets can spend with their patients on more pressing issues.

After your veterinary technician takes the necessary information, they will leave you in the exam room for just a few more minutes while they fetch the vet!

When your vet comes into the room, they will introduce themselves to you and your pet and spend a little time talking to you about your pet, their health, your concerns, and any routine care that might need taking care of.

This is the time that you can ask any questions you might have or mention any concerns. (Make sure to write these down if you’re afraid that you might forget!)

If your pet needs any blood drawing or urinalysis doing, the veterinary technician that you met previously will come and take your pet to our sterile back area to do this. As soon as any samples are taken, the vet technician will bring your pet back to you while they get started on testing the samples in-house.

If samples are tested in-house, you may have to wait for a few minutes while those tests are run. When the results are received, your veterinarian will come back to your exam room and talk to you about testing results. This is also the time when your pet will receive their vaccinations or medications they may need at the time of their visit.

Once your concerns have been addressed and your pet is cared for, your vet will say their goodbyes as they lead you to the main lobby where you came into the clinic for your animals first visit. Here, one of our front desk staff will greet you again. If they do not already have your pet’s file and/or medication in hand, you may need to wait for a couple of minutes while everything is updated. Then, our front desk staff will check you out with your pet’s chart and you will pay for the visit.

If your pet was given any medication, you will receive this here also. Make sure that you are clear on dosing of medications before you leave! It’s also important to request a second receipt and signature on any pet insurance paperwork if needed.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Back!

If you get home and find that you forgot to ask a question during your visit or if your pet seems to be having a reaction to their vaccinations (this is RARE but once in a while, it may happen), give us a call or turn right around and come back to see us! We are always here for you and your pet and we appreciate the trust you put in us when you choose us to be your veterinarian clinic.

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