Choosing the Best Raleigh Veterinarians For Your Cat

Every Raleigh pet parent wants the best Raleigh veterinarians for their pets, but how do you go about choosing the right vet for your cat? Is there a difference in what you should look for when looking for a veterinarian for your cat versus your dog? Today we’re going to take a look at these questions and give you some answers.

Best Raleigh Veterinarians

Choosing the Best Raleigh Veterinarians For Your Cat

Is There a Difference in What You Should Look For in a Cat Veterinarian in Raleigh Vs. a Dog Veterinarian in Raleigh?

The answer to this question really depends on you and your cat.

You May Want a Vet Who Has Their Own Cat

As a cat parent, you may decide that you want a veterinarian who has a cat of their own. No, this has nothing to do with their veterinary ability! But some people feel more comfortable or better able to communicate their experiences with a vet who has a pet of the same species.

Think of this like parents of male human children and parents of female human children. Both may be incredible parents, but the parents of boys are going to feel more camaraderie and understanding with other parents of boys. There’s that extra level of connection.

Do you have to choose a vet who has the same pets as you? Of course not! All of our fulltime veterinarians at Leesville Animal Hospital are excellent veterinarians but they each share their lives with different species or breeds of animals!

The Qualities That Really Matter: The Best Raleigh Veterinarians Are…

Having that extra level of connection is nice sometimes, but there are other qualities that we recommend looking for first and foremost when looking for your new cat vet. These are the qualities that really influence your cat’s quality of care and your ability to work together as a team with your vet to provide your cat with the best life possible through all life stages.


You should always seek out a vet who is knowledgable. By this, we mean a vet who is a licensed veterinarian but also one who never stops learning. These are the vets who are willing to seek out answers and treatment options that are right for your cat when the traditional options aren’t the right fit. They are also the vets who regularly attend conferences, who ensure that employees also undergo ongoing training too.


Everyone wants to feel as though they are being heard and that what they are saying is valuable. Unfortunately, not all veterinarians treat their clients this way. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are all well known for their personable and caring approach to pets and their humans alike. We believe that everyone deserves this treatment as a human being, but it’s particularly important when times of crisis arise or when we are having to make difficult decisions.


Experience is very often the best teacher for everyone – including medical and veterinary professionals.

The more opportunities a veterinarian has had to perform a particular procedure, the more familiar they are with how that procedure should go. This means that they are more likely to catch signs that things could be going awry or that an illness isn’t what it seems before it gets too serious.

Skilled at their job

Being a great veterinarian isn’t all about the experience, though, it’s also about skill. Some of the freshest faces in the veterinary field are incredible at what they do and that is because they are skilled at their job. We are fortunate here at Leesville Animal Hospital to have three full-time veterinarians on staff, all of whom have a wealth of experience under their belts and all of whom are exceptionally skilled in both general and specialty areas of veterinary care.

Good at communicating

Another quality that is particularly important when looking for a vet is their ability to communicate.

As a pet parent, you know your cat inside and out. That “insider” knowledge can play a major role in determining your cat’s current state of health and so it’s important that you are able to communicate freely with your vet and know that they are listening. It’s also important for your vet to be able to communicate freely with you and for you to be able to understand what they are saying. A good vet will explain things to you in terms that you can understand, they will ensure that you have the information you need when going home from your appointment, and they will be honest with you even when the news they have to deliver isn’t easy.


A vet should be patient, it’s a basic requirement for any job that involves working with animals or children! You should never settle for a veterinarian who seems to get annoyed by your cat for ANY reason or who seems inconvenienced by your being there. A lack of patience doesn’t just make everyone feel uncomfortable, but it can also lead to oversights in veterinary care and create unhealthy relationships between pet parents and veterinarians which leads to a breakdown in communication.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on how patient, kind, and caring all of our staff members are. We believe that this positive atmosphere is not only beneficial to our pet guests (particularly those furry felines and our nervous pups) but that it’s also beneficial for our doctors and our pet parents too. It keeps our clinic low-stress and comfortable, but best of all, it allows us to focus on the quality of care.

Are You Looking For the Best Raleigh Veterinarians For Your Cat?

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