Why Our Clients Think Leesville Animal Hospital Is the Best Vet in Raleigh

Why Our Clients Think Leesville Animal Hospital Is the Best Vet in RaleighHere at Leesville Animal Hospital, our clients refer to us as the best vet in Raleigh. Of course, everyone likes to think that their vet is the best in the area but we wanted to know where we could improve and where we were excelling. This led us to do a little research into our customer’s feedback and we found out some really great things!

Why Leesville Animal Hospital is the Best Vet in Raleigh

Our Vets Are Knowledgeable

Kristy Ferraro says that she loves how knowledgeable our vets are and how much they care about their clients! Kristy says “All the docs here are fantastic and care about the animals. The front office staff and the techs are also great. My dog loves going in to see everyone.”

Our Friendly Staff

Linda Karsevar shared with us that one of the things that she loves most about our clinic is the friendliness of our staff! Linda says: “The staff is both friendly and caring whenever I come into the office or call.”

Our Budget-Friendly Rates

Elizabeth Showalter says that one of the things she likes about us here at Leesville is that our rates are budget-friendly and she never feels like she is being pushed into unnecessary procedures.Elizabeth says: “They don’t overcharge for services or suggest services your pet doesn’t really need.”

The Cleanliness of Our Clinic

Jon Finez says that the cleanliness of our facility is something he enjoys about Leesville Animal Hospital and just one reason why he thinks we’re the best vet in Raleigh! Jon says: “Our lab puppy loves weekend trips when we have to go out of town. Staff is great and a very clean and nice facility!!!! Thank you all for great service!!!! Lily says hello!!!”

No Pressure Vet Care

Kimberley Ladue thinks that our no pressure approach to pet care is one of the things that makes us the best vet in Raleigh! Kimberley says: “They love my dog almost as much as I do!!! Excellent, fast, honest service. They will NOT guilt you/scare you into any treatments! The Dr. will call you to discuss your pet, too! Love Leesville Animal ….I have had both kitties and pooches treated there! Love you, Dr. Nelligan!”.

Want to See For Yourself Why Leesville is So Loved

If you are looking for a new vet in the Raleigh area and would like to see for yourself why Leesville Animal Hospital is so well loved, why not drop by? You can meet our staff, take a look at our facility, and see if we are the right fit for you! Just give us a call at (919)870-7000!

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