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Why Is My Dog Throwing Up?

Why is my dog throwing up? It’s a very common question from dog owners worldwide. As dog owners, when our dog is throwing up it can be as distressing as when one of our children is sick or even more so because our pets can’t tell us what is wrong. One of the most frequent […]

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Why You Should Board With A Veterinary Clinic

Why should you board with a veterinary clinic? When it comes to boarding your pet, no matter how old they are, finding a Raleigh boarding facility you can trust may seem like a task. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, of course, we are a little bias; however, we have one tip for you no matter […]

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How To Take A Safe Roadtrip With Your Dog

Safe roadtrip with your dog sounds simple enough, but did you know that there are some precautions you can take to ensure a safer trip? Infographics are a great way to explain and understand various pet related topics. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital near Leesville in Raleigh, NC, we find infographics very useful particularly when […]

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Should I Put My Pet Through Surgery?

Should I put my pet through surgery? It’s a question that weighs on any pet owner’s mind. As a responsible pet owner, you are often faced with decisions and choices that can be made more complicated by the fact that your pet can’t talk. This lack of communication puts a lot of pressure on you […]

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Should I Take My Cat And Dog To The Same Raleigh Vet?

Should you take your cat and dog to the same Raleigh vet? Here at Leesville Animal Hospital dog and cat vet in Raleigh, NC we see many clients who have both dogs and cats and who choose to bring them both to us for care.   Should You Use the Same Raleigh Vet For Your […]

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Pet Fire Safety In Raleigh NC

Pet fire safety is rarely given a second thought by pet parents, but it’s something that should be considered. Fire safety is something that all families should take into consideration, but for families with pets, it is important to take pet specific fire safety concerns in to account as well. Today we want to share […]

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What You Need To Know About Heartworm Disease!

Understanding heart disease can be difficult because unlike cuts that are easily noticed, the beginning signs of heartworm disease in your pet can be easily overlooked. The good news about heartworm disease however, is that it is preventable by ensuring that your pet always stays current on heartworm prevention. Many times when we meet pet […]

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Thinking of Switching Vets Raleigh NC? Perhaps You Should Be!

Have you been thinking about switching vets Raleigh NC? If not, you might want to start! Allow us to tell you why! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital in Raleigh, NC, we value every one of our clients and always strive to offer the best service. Not every vet is the same, however, and if your […]

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Are You Looking For a New Veterinarian in Raleigh NC?

Are you looking for a new veterinarian in Raleigh NC? Whether your current veterinarian has retired or whether you just moved to the area and need a new veterinarian, allow us to tell you why you should consider Leesville Animal Hospital as your new veterinarian clinic! Leesville Animal Hospital Veterinarian in Raleigh NC Leesville Animal […]

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Raleigh NC Veterinarians Want You To Know This, This Memorial Day!

Raleigh NC veterinarians want you to know a thing or two about Memorial Day when it comes to your pet’s safety! Like any celebrated day, memorial day is a day of gatherings, memorials, and time spent with friends and family. With that said, it is also a day that can pose numerous threats to your […]

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