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Dog Adoption Raleigh: All About Puppy Vaccinations

Last week we talked about the importance of taking your new cat to the vet, so in this article, we’re talking about dog adoption, Raleigh. But today we’re talking about those all-important puppy shots, what they include and why they’re so important! Dog Adoption Raleigh: All About Puppy Vaccinations When you adopt a new puppy […]

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Water Treadmills: Answering Your Dog Hydrotherapy Questions

When we talk about water treadmills here at Leesville Animal Hospital Veterinarian in North Raleigh, we are talking about hydrotherapy. As a Raleigh vet clinic with hydrotherapy services, we believe that it’s important that you don’t have any unanswered questions before bringing your dog in for canine hydrotherapy services. So, let’s get right to those […]

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Vet Care Raleigh Q & A: What Do Veterinarians Do?

When it comes to vet care, Raleigh residents have plenty of questions! Today we’re answering one of those questions – what do veterinarians do? Vet Care Raleigh Q & A: What Do Veterinarians Do? So, what do veterinarians do? Here’s what you need to know… A veterinarian’s job involves diagnosing, treating, and researching medical conditions […]

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Do You Know Your Closest Emergency Vet Raleigh NC?

Do you know your closest emergency vet Raleigh NC? If not, it’s about time that you did! When it comes to emergencies, we all know that these things always happen during times when your regular vet clinic isn’t open. This is why it is so important for you to know where your closest emergency vet is! […]

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Are You Looking For a New Veterinarian in Raleigh NC?

Are you looking for a new veterinarian in Raleigh NC? Whether your current veterinarian has retired or whether you just moved to the area and need a new veterinarian, allow us to tell you why you should consider Leesville Animal Hospital as your new veterinarian clinic! Leesville Animal Hospital Veterinarian in Raleigh NC Leesville Animal […]

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