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What to Expect at Your Animals First Vet Visit!

Are you wondering what to expect from your animals first vet visit?  Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today so that you know what to expect! Remember at Your Animals First Vet Visit, You’re in Good Hands It’s not unusual to feel nervous when you first meet your dog or cat’s new veterinarian. Whether […]

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3 Things to Look For in a Top Animal Hospital Raleigh Recommends

When looking for a top animal hospital Raleigh recommends, it’s important to make sure that the clinic is a healthy and respected business. There are a good many things that go into making a good business. That said, today we are talking about 3 things that you should be looking for even when you’re researching […]

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What Does It Mean to Be a True Community Animal Hospital?

What does it mean to be a true community animal hospital? Here at Leesville, we strive to do everything we can to be a helpful and giving part of our community, but what exactly does that mean? What it Means to Be a True Community Animal Hospital Many animal hospitals claim to care about their […]

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Vet Care Credit Alternatives to Consider

Vet care credit is an option available to pet parents when they have difficulty paying for expensive veterinary procedures. Unfortunately, not every pet parent qualifies for credit assistance through programs like vet care credit, so we have put together some other resources to help you to cover your veterinary costs. If you are like most […]

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Best Raleigh North Carolina Clinic for Chronic Illness in Your Pets

When it comes to the best Raleigh North Carolina clinic for chronic illness in your pets it’s important to know what to look for. As the parent of a pet with chronic illness, your needs differ from those of the average pet parent. This makes finding a vet that suits your needs and who can […]

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Why You Should Consider Raleigh Dog Daycare For Your Overactive Dog!

Have you been considering Raleigh dog daycare as an outlet for your overactive dog’s endless supply of energy? If not, we’d like to take a moment to explain to you why dog daycare might be the best solution to your dog’s overactivity! Raleigh Dog Daycare Can Solve Many Problems! There are many reasons why we […]

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How Do You Know You Have the Best Vet in Raleigh?

How do you know you have the best vet in Raleigh? Well, there are more than a few ways to tell, but here at Leesville, we like to hear it right from our clients! One of the best ways to tell if you have a fabulous vet is to take a look at what other […]

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Should I Get A Puppy? What You Should Be Asking This Season…

Should I get a puppy? It’s a question many dog lovers ask themselves…but as a dog lover, do you know how to answer that question honestly? Puppies are cute, there is no denying it, but do you really know what to consider before bringing a new puppy home? Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we take […]

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Pets Do Not Make Good Gifts! Keep This In Mind This Holiday!

Pets do not make good gifts! There are many great ways to say Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah and even happy birthday, but surprising a gift recipient with a new pet is not one of them! Pets Do Not Make Good Gifts! Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we sincerely care about the welfare of ALL animals […]

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Is My Cat Overweight?

Is my cat overweight? It’s a question we hear quite often as veterinarians. Many times veterinarians emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and keeping dogs at a healthy weight, but did you know that a significant percentage of cats are overweight too? Feline obesity can cause as many health problems as canine obesity […]

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