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27613 Vets Share 6 Tick-Borne Diseases You Should Be Aware Of

As the top 27613 vets in the area, our veterinarians at Leesville Animal Hospital know how important it is for them to make sure that pet parents know how to properly protect their pets against parasites. One of the most frequently seen parasites in this area is the tick, so today we’re going to be […]

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Vets in Raleigh NC 27614 Tackle the Topic of Canine Anxiety

As trusted vets in Raleigh NC 27614, we see more than a few worried pet parents who are at a loss as to what to do for their dog’s anxiety problems. Anxiety is not an uncommon problem for dogs. There are many reasons that dogs may experience anxiety and as a dog-parent, you are likely […]

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What is Giardia? What You Should Know About This Parasite

Giardia is one of those illnesses that is unforgettable for pet owners once they have experienced it with their pet. Today, here on the Leesville Animal Hospital blog we want to talk a little bit about this parasite for those of you who have not experienced it first hand. Giardia and Your Pet What is […]

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Raleigh Veterinary Hospital Canine ACL Surgery

Our Raleigh veterinary hospital has completed a considerable number of canine ACL (CCL) surgeries in our time! If you live in the Raleigh, NC area and have a dog in need of a CCL repair surgery, we’d love the opportunity to help your four-legged friend get back on their feet. Canine CCL Surgery at Our […]

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North Raleigh Veterinarian Answers: Why is My Dog Scooting?

One question that north Raleigh veterinarian clinics hear often pertains to dogs scooting. Today we’re going to take a look at the most common answer to this question – anal gland trouble. North Raleigh Veterinarian Answers: Why is My Dog Scooting? Dogs can scoot their hind ends on your carpet for a number of reasons, but […]

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Raleigh Vet Hospitals Q&A: Can Dogs Be Vegetarians? How About Cats?

One question that Raleigh vet hospitals like Leesville Animal Hospital hear once in a while is whether or not dogs (or cats) can be vegetarians. While this seems like somewhat of an unusual question, today we are going to take a look at the answer in depth! Let’s begin by splitting this article into two sections. […]

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Raleigh Pet Dentist: The Importance of Dental Cleanings To Your Pet

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we know just how important dental cleanings are to the health of your pet. Today, we want to make sure that you know just how important your pet’s dental health is as well!   A lot of people know that it’s important to keep up with dental cleanings for dogs, but […]

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Raleigh NC Vet Clinics Share 10 Important Pet Grooming Habits

Raleigh NC vet clinics want you to know just how important it is to keep up with your pet’s grooming habits. Regular grooming isn’t just necessary to keep your pet comfortable, but it’s also a huge part of your pet’s general health. Take a look at these ten mandatory pet grooming habits that you need […]

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