Dangers Posed to Your Dog in the Summer

Dog owners everywhere need to be aware that summertime brings with it a number of dangers that can affect their dog’s health. While most of us are aware of the fact that dogs shouldn’t be left in cars to overheat, there are many other things most of us aren’t aware of!

Today we want to talk to you about some of the dangers that are posed to your dog during the summertime.

Burned Dogs Feet

Image Via Pet Ambulance Victoria

– Asphalt gets HOT in the summertime. Walking your dog on hot asphalt can result in severe burns like the ones pictured above. Keep your dog on the grass during summer walks and always try to walk before sunrise or after dusk when the ground is cooler.

– When it is warmer than 60 degrees out, your dog will need to cool themselves, keep this in mind when you contemplate whether it is too warm to leave your dog in the car while you run errands. When it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside and you park your car in the shade, the interior of your car will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit in no time. This temperature increases exponentially, for example when it is “only” 74 degrees Fahrenheit outside it becomes 90 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car.

– Be aware that even when walking your dog on the grass in summer, outside temperatures take a toll on your dog as well. Dogs can very easily overheat due to external temperatures so it is always best to walk at dawn or dusk. NEVER walk your dog during peak hours (around noon).

– Understand that while playing outside your dog may be so engrossed that they allow themselves to overheat. Try to avoid playtime outdoors until dusk or dawn when the temperature is much cooler.

– Always ensure that your dog has access to clean water and shade when they are outdoors during warmer spring and fall months – although we never like to hear of dogs being “outdoor dogs” because this simply isn’t a situation that is conducive to canine happiness. Dogs like to be with their pack mates and that means indoors with you!

– Make sure that your dog stays hydrated during the summer by providing hydrating treats in addition to water. We recommend ice cubes, frozen dog treats and even watermelon!

– Finally, make sure that you always keep your dog up to date on his or her heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative. While these pests pose problems year round, they are particularly prevalent during summer months.

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