Does My Pet a Really Need An Annual Vet Visit?

Does my pet really need an annual vet visit? It’s not an uncommon question and we hear it from plenty of our clients.
Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we know that owning a pet can sometimes be expensive. But is an annual visit is really necessary for your pet even when money is so tight? Today we want to talk about just that!

Does My Pet a Really Need An Annual Vet Visit?

Sometimes things get financially difficult. Even responsible pet owners can find themselves in a pinch, but one thing you should never skimp on is your pets annual vet visit.
There are a number of reasons why it is important to keep up with your pets annual vet visits.
  • Most importantly, annual vet visits help to assess your pet’s overall health. Annual exams will provide you with a picture of your pet’s health including major organ function, blood cell counts, urinalysis results and overall appearance. These things are all crucial in understanding where your pet stands in terms of how healthy they are.
  • Additionally, annual vet visits allow you to catch any signs of significant illness. Keeping up with annual visits helps your vet to monitor for any signs of illness and to catch them and create a treatment plan to help to control and or treat them according to your pet’s condition. This is a particularly important aspect of your pet’s annual visits to the vet because your pet is unable to tell you in so many words when the feel “a little off. ” This is also important to you as a pet parent because catching illness early leads to a better chance at successful treatment and less suffering for your pet.
  • Finally, annual check ins with your vet give you the chance to update your pet’s vaccinations. Vaccinations are important (and often times locally mandated) in order to protect your pet from a multitude of illnesses, diseases, and parasites. Some of these can even be contracted by humans which is part of why it’s so important to keep vaccinations up to date!
Is your pet due for their annual checkup? Give us a call at 919-870-7000 and we will set up your appointment today! Remember, your pet depends on you to maintain their health and to notice when things aren’t quite right. Putting off annual vet visits is abandoning your responsibility as a pet parent.

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