Are You Looking For a Dog Dentist in Raleigh?

Dog Dentist in RaleighAre you looking for a dog dentist in Raleigh?

Whether your dog is facing a cracked tooth or just needs their annual tooth cleaning, it’s important to find a qualified veterinarian to perform the necessary dental procedures.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have three full-time veterinarians on staff who are as concerned with your dog’s dental health as you are. That’s why we urge all of our clients to stay on top of their dog’s dental health. So today we want to share with you a few reminders that can help you to keep your dog’s teeth healthy year round!

Reminders From Your Dog Dentist in Raleigh

As a dog dentist in Raleigh, we would much prefer to see our canine clients with gleaming healthy teeth and have less demand for dental services. You see, while we love taking care of your pups, we would much rather that they experience no pain from infections, plaque build-up, and poor dental health. So, what can you do to promote your dog’s dental health?

  • Brush your dog’s teeth every couple of days at a minimum. Every day is best, but if you struggle with cleaning your dog’s teeth, begin with a few times a week and work up!
  • Don’t give your dog table scraps and sugary human foods. Dogs don’t brush their teeth as regularly as we do and this allows the sugars from human foods to sit and build up on teeth promoting decay.
  • Don’t allow your dog to chew on anything that could damage their teeth like sticks, cooked bones, bleached bones, and rocks…yes, we said rocks!
  • Offer your dog a safe dental chew weekly at a minimum to reduce plaque buildup between cleanings.
  • Even if your dog’s teeth look clean, book an annual cleaning to polish the surface of teeth to give bacteria and plaque less to grip onto on your dog’s teeth!
  • Address stinky breath, swelling, redness, or pawing at the mouth as soon as you notice it! These are usually signs of a dental problem that can quickly escalate without treatment.

Is It Time For Your Dog’s Annual Dental Cleaning?

Has it been a while since you last got your dog’s teeth cleaned? Give us a call at (919)870-7000 and book your dog in for their annual dental cleaning today!

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