Finding The Right Bed For My Dog

When it comes to shopping for a bed for your dog things can very quickly become overwhelming! There are so many different types of beds to choose from and depending upon your dog’s individual needs you may find that one type of bed is better suited to your pet.

Dog Beds

Take a look at some of the pet bed selections mentioned below and how to determine which type of bed you should look for for your dog.

Raised beds / cots: These are a great selection for any dog. Raised beds keep arthritic dogs off the cold floor, allow for airflow around your dog to prevent overheating in the summer and are available with various cover options to accommodate senior pets as well as new puppies.

Bolster Beds: Bolster beds are beds that have either one bolster along the side or a complete bolster all the way around it. These beds are generally preferred by dogs that like to lean or rest their head on the arm of the sofa or on pillows!

Orthopedic Beds: Orthopedic beds are a great choice for older dogs with joint concerns such as arthritis or even younger dogs facing issues like hip dysplasia. One of our clients has even suggested using a baby crib mattress for this purpose if you have the room, they are cheaper and waterproof PLUS they don’t hold odor like foam based mattresses do!

Donut and Snuggle Beds: Usually smaller breed dogs prefer these types of beds because they offer the security of being surrounded on all sides. These types of beds take on many different appearances but are usually described as being donut or snuggle type beds.

Heating or Cooling Beds: Heating or cooling beds are something we generally don’t like to recommend if they are beds that require an electric outlet. These types of beds can be dangerous to pets particularly for chewers and for incontinent pups. here are a few heating and cooling beds available that do not rely on electric outlets and these are good resources for dogs that spend time outdoors or dogs that easily overheat or get cold easily.

There are many other different types of beds but these are the most frequently referenced dog beds available on the market today.

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