Good North Raleigh Vet Boarding: Why Vet Boarding is Best

good north raleigh vetIf you’re on the lookout for a good North Raleigh vet, we recommend looking for one that also offers boarding services alongside their clinic services. Why? Well, there are numerous benefits to having your dog boarded inside or alongside the same clinic where they are seen for veterinary services and today we’re going to look at just a few!

Good North Raleigh Vet Boarding: Why Vet Boarding is Best!

There are plenty of boarding kennels out there so why does it matter whether you choose a good North Raleigh vet boarding facility or a good boarding kennel facility without a veterinary association?

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of services to our furry family members, but those services aren’t limited to veterinary care, grooming, and daycare services, we also offer a full-service boarding kennel. Here are a few of the reasons why…

Your Pet is Comfortable with People They Know

As your veterinary clinic, we know that some dogs and cats have difficulty getting comfortable with new faces (particularly into their senior years!) By having a boarding facility inside our Raleigh veterinary clinic, we make sure that our furry friends are around people that they know, in an environment that they recognize, and with people who know them! Think about when you go to the doctor, if you know one of the nurses there already, you feel a little more comfortable during your visit, don’t you?

We Know Your Pet

Yes, our knowing your pet makes them feel more comfortable when they board with us, but it should also make you feel more comfortable with leaving your pet in boarding. Why? Because we know them! As your dog’s veterinary clinic we are familiar with your dog or cat, we know what they like or dislike, we know their medical history intimately, we know their current medical conditions and what medications they take. We know everything that a good Raleigh vet boarding facility should know about your pet to provide for them when you are away. This knowledge also allows us to care for your pet when they stay with us should anything come up, even something as simple as an ear infection needs treating right away and with a vet run boarding kennel, you can be sure that will happen.

Leave your pet with a non-vet run boarding kennel and not only are you leaving your pet with people who don’t have personal knowledge of your pet and their medical history, but you’re also leaving them in a facility without vet access on-site. That means that if something like a canine ear infection arises, it’s either going to go untreated or your dog is going to be taken to the most convenient vet – a stranger to you and them.

You Can Multi-Task

If you’re like most people these days, you are constantly on the go and sometimes the day-to-day necessities go unchecked. In the case of being a pet parent, that means that sometimes your dog goes without a bath, sometimes your cat’s nails go without trimming for a few extra days, sometimes you’ve procrastinated getting that coat brushed out…but when you use a good North Raleigh vet run boarding facility, you can get these things taken care of all at once. While your pet is in our care, we can take care of their bath, their nail trimming, and even brushing out that beautiful coat!

At Leesville Animal Hospital, we offer a range of traditional services for our boarding guests as well as a range of add-on services to make your pet’s stay with us much more pleasant!

We Always Have Your Best Interests in Mind

Many large corporate run boarding kennels are focused on making money. While every business needs to make money, a good business knows that there is much more to it than that. We care for your pets like family because we are their primary care veterinarians, we have known them since they first came into our care and over the years, we’ve got to know you as well.

Want a Good North Raleigh Vet Boarding Facility?

If you’re in need of a good North Raleigh vet boarding facility and would like to join our family here at Leesville Animal Hospital, give us a call at (919)870-7000! We’d be more than happy to have your furry family member join us at our Raleigh boarding facility no matter how long their stay might be!

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