How To Take A Safe Roadtrip With Your Dog

Safe roadtrip with your dog sounds simple enough, but did you know that there are some precautions you can take to ensure a safer trip? Infographics are a great way to explain and understand various pet related topics. Here at Leesville Animal Hospital near Leesville in Raleigh, NC, we find infographics very useful particularly when it comes to helping pet owners to understand pet safety concerns.

Safe Roadtrip With Your Dog – An Infographic

Take a look at the infographic below and learn a little more about how to safely take a roadtrip with your dog!

Safely Traveling With Your Pet

It’s up to you to ensure that your road trip is safe for both you and your dog. Many of the tips above are just common sense, but some are little known and valuable pieces of information!

A Safe Roadtrip With Your Dog Means…

No Heads Out of the Window!

Most of us like to think that allowing our dogs to stick their head out of the window is fun. While it probably can be fun for your dog, a safe roadtrip with your dog means keeping windows cracked or closed. Why? Because dirt and debris can be kicked up from the road and get in to your dog’s eyes, scrape their skin, or even cause cuts!

No Dog on Your Lap!

Whenever you have your dog in the car with you it’s important for them to be safely restrained. The best way to do this is to have your dog travel in a crate. If you don’t have access to a crate or your dog does not do well in a crate, invest in a car harness and safety belt system. DO NOT allow your dog to travel on your lap! Not only is this unsafe because your dog is unrestrained, but should your dog become startled or playful, they can cause an accident by distracting the driver.

Always Keep Your Dog Restrained

We mentioned above the importance of keeping your dog restrained, but did you know how many benefits come with this?

  • Your dog is safer during an accident
  • If riding with the windows open, your dog will not be able to leap out of the vehicle
  • If you get in to a serious accident, emergency responders will be able to approach the vehicle to help without your dog becoming protective
  • A restrained dog will not become a fast moving projectile in the event of a serious accident
  • The driver has less chance of being distracted by a restrained dog

Click on the image above to see the infographic in full size!

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