Keep Your Pet Safe During the Big Game!

Keep Your Pet Safe During the Big GameThe big game is this Sunday and if you are like most families then you have a little get together planned! While you take part in the festivities, though, don’t forget to keep your four-legged family members safe!

To help you to help your pets feel more comfortable this Sunday, we have put together some pointers.


One of the biggest risks to our pets when we hold special events in our home is food and drink! Whether we get distracted by events and leave food lying around for our pets to eat or whether guests try to feed human food to our pets, food and drink can be a real danger.

  • When guests come to your home, ask them kindly not to feed your pets anything!
  • Try to avoid serving foods that can be potentially dangerous. (The ASPCA has a good list of unsafe foods for pets for reference.)
  • Contain food and drink within an area where your pet is not permitted.
  • Ask that food and drink be kept in “out of reach” locations such as dining tables instead of coffee tables.


Having friends over to your home when you have pets shouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s always helpful to take a few extra precautions to ensure that your pet is safe during any in-home event.

  • Remind guests of your party that you have pets so that they can be more aware of their actions. For example, remember to put the toilet seat down or watch for escaping cats when stepping outside to smoke.
  • Be aware of your pet’s limitations. If your pet is particularly anxious around large groups of people, consider securing them in their crate or a safe room of the home where they can be undisturbed. You may even want to consider boarding your pet if you have a particularly large event planned.
  • Let your guests know ahead of time that you have pets so that they can take medications if they are allergic to your pet or they can gracefully bow out of the event. Failing to do this can result in party guests asking you to isolate your pet in another room of the home which is unfair.


In addition to food and drink safety and being mindful of your party guests, it is also important to have some safety precautions in place to protect your pets and you party guests.

  • If there will be small children at your event who may be unattended at times, make arrangements for your pet to stay at a kennel or ask parents not to bring their children to your event. Children should never be left alone with pets, even pets that are good with children and vice versa.
  • If you have a pet who shows a particular dislike for a certain type of person – for example, some dogs who have been previously abused by someone who wore hats may have a dislike for anyone wearing hats – make sure that you take this into consideration when inviting guests to your home. You can either request guests to accommodate your pet’s needs or you can choose to kennel your dog for the day.

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