Make Your Own Pet First Aid Kit!

A pet first aid kit is a must for any pet owner. If you read our blog frequently here at the Leesville Animal Hospital blog you know that we like to talk a little bit about how you can ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities as a pet owner which also means being able to make your own pet first aid kit.

Make Your Own Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

Image Courtesy of Flickr User Aleksi Aaltonen

A Pre-Packed Pet First Aid Kit Vs. A Self Built First Aid Kit

There are a good many resources where you can purchase pre-packaged pet first aid kits which are great but can be a little pricey. If you are on a budget though there are a number of staple first aid supplies that you can purchase at your local drug store to make your own pet first aid kit!  Below are some of the staple items that we recommend putting in an at home first aid kit:

– Gauze bandages
– Non-stick sterile pads
– Tweezers
– Bandage tape
– Hydrogen peroxide
– Neosporin
– Burn cream
– Disposable gloves
– Thermometer
– Styptic powder
– Benadryl
– List of emergency vet phone numbers, poison control phone number and regular vet phone number
– Eyewash
-Sterile syringe without a needle for feeding and medication administration
– A clean washcloth and towel
– A child’s sock to cover a wounded paw
– Antibacterial wipes
– Heat/cold pack
– Activated charcoal
– Bag balm
– Pet approved over the counter medications (these vary based on your pet type but MIGHT include Pepto, Pepcid, and Aspirin. ALWAYS check with your vet over which of these medications are safe for your pet and what doses they should be given in.)
– A bottle of water
– A can of dog food

Your Turn

What other items do you think should be in a pet first aid kit? Leave a comment below and share your ideas.

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