March Is National Poison Prevention Awareness Month!

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we unfortunately see quite a few cases of pet poisoning each year. March is national poison prevention awareness month so today we wanted to share with you some of the most commonly found household poisons for your beloved pet.

Prevent Pet Poisoning By Being Aware of At Home Pet Poison Risks!

Prevent Pet Poisoning

Zero the Cat, image courtesy of Flickr User Sean Garrett

As pet owners it can feel overwhelming sometimes trying to protect our pets from household poisons, especially since many items which are poisonous to our pets are not marked with the traditional skull and crossbones logo. Take a look at the list of household plants, medications and foods below and see how many poisons you were aware of:

5-fluorouracil (5-FU) Medications
ACE-inhibitors Medications
Acetaminophen Medications
Acids Household Items
African Evergreen Plants
African Wonder Tree Plants
Alcohol Foods
Alkalis Household Items
Alocasia Plants
Aloe Vera Plants
Amaryllis Plants
Ambien Medications
American Bittersweet Plants
Amitraz Insecticides
Amphetamines Medications
Andromeda Japonica Plants
Angel’s Trumpet Plants
Anthurium Plants
Antibiotics Topical Medications
Antidepressants Medications
Antifreeze Garage Items
Antihistamines Medications
Apple Leaf Croton Plants
Apricot Foods
Arrowhead Vine Plants
Asparagus Fern Plants
Aspirin Medications
Asthma Inhaler Medications
Australian Nut Foods
Autumn Crocus Plants
Avocado Foods
Azalea Plants
Baby’s Breath Plants
Baclofen Medications
Baneberry Plants
Batteries Household Items
Bear Grass Plants
Beech Trees Plants
Belladonna Plants
Benzodiazepines Medications
Beta-blockers Medications
Bird of Paradise Plants
Black Locust Plants
Black Widow Spider Envenomations
Bleeding Hearts Plants
Bloodroot Plants
Blue-green Algae (Cyanobacteria) Plants
Bluebonnet Plants
Bone Meal & Blood Meal Fertilizers
Boxwood Tree Plants
Branching Ivy Plants
Bread Dough Foods
Bromethalin Garage Items
Brown Recluse Spider Envenomations
Buckeye Plants
Buddhist Pine Plants
Burning Bush Plants
Buttercup Plants
Caffeine Foods
Caladium Plants
Calcipotriene Medications
Calcium Channel Blockers Medications
Calcium Supplements Medications
Calla Lily Plants
Camphor Topical Medications
Candelabra Cactus Plants
Carbamates Garage Items
Carbon Monoxide Toxic Gases
Cardiac Glycosides Plants
Carprofen Medications
Castor Bean Plants
Charming Dieffenbachia Plants
Cherry Foods
Chinaberry Tree Plants
Chinese Evergreen Plants
Chives Plants
Chocolate Foods
Chokecherry Plants
Cholecalciferol Garage Items
Christmas Rose Plants
Chrysanthemum Plants
Cineria Plants
Clematis Plants
Cocaine Illicit Drugs
Coins Metals
Coral Snake Envenomations
Cordatum Plants
Corn Plant Plants
Cornflower Plants
Corticosteroids Topical Medications
Corydalis Plants
Cough Medicine Medications
Cowbane Plants
Crocus Plants
Croton Plants
Crown of Thorns Plants
Currants Foods
Cyclamen Plants
Daffodils Plants
Daphne Plants
Day Lily Plants
Decongestants Medications
Delphinium Plants
Deramaxx Medications
Detergents Household Items
Devil’s Ivy Plants
Dieffenbachia Plants
Diuretic Medications
Dogbane Plants
Dracaena Plants
Dragon Tree Plants
Dumbcane Plants
Easter Lily Plants
Effexor Medications
Elaine Plants
Elderberry Plants
Elephant Ear Plants
Emerald Feather Plants
English Ivy Plants
Ephedra Herbals
EtoGesic Medications
Eucalyptus Plants
Euonymus Plants
Ferns Plants
Fertilizers Fertilizers
Ficus Plants
Fiddle-Leaf Philodendron Plants
Firestarter Logs Household Items
Fireworks Household Items
Firocoxib Medications
Flamingo Plant Plants
Flax Plants
Flea and Tick Medications Medications
Flea Collar Medications
Fluoride Household Items
Four O’Clock Plants
Foxglove Plants
Garlic Foods
Gasoline Garage Items
Geranium Plants
Giant Dumbcane Plants
Glacier Ivy Plants
Gladiolas Plants
Glory Chain Plants
Glory Lily Plants
Glow Jewelry Household Items
Gold Dieffenbachia Plants
Gold Dust Dracaena Plants
Golden Chain Tree Plants
Golden Pothos Plants
Gopher Purge Plants
Gorilla Glue Household Items
Grapes Foods
Hahn’s Self Branching English Ivy Plants
Hand Sanitizer (Ethanol) Household Items
Hand Warmers Metals
Heartleaf Philodendron Plants
Heavenly Bamboo Plants
Hellebore Plants
Hemlock Plants
Herbicides Garden Items
Holly Plants
Honeysuckle Plants
Hops Foods
Hornets Envenomations
Horse Beans Plants
Horse Chestnut Plants
Horsehead Philodendron Plants
Hurricane Plant Plants
Hydrangea Plants
Hydrocarbons Garage Items
Ibuprofen Medications
Imidazoline Medications
Iris Plants
Iron Metals
Isoniazid Medications
Ivermectin Medications
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Plants
Japanese Show Lily Plants
Java Beans Plants
Jerusalem Cherry Plants
Jessamine Plants
Jimson Weed Plants
Jonquil Plants
Jungle Trumpet Plants
Kaffir lily Plants
Kalanchoe Plants
Kerosene Garage Items
Lace Fern Plants
Lacy Tree Plants
Lantana Plants
Larkspur Plants
Lead Metals
Leeks Plants
Lilies Plants
Lily of the Valley Plants
Liquid Potpourri Household Items
Locoweed Plants
Long-acting Anticoagulants Garage Items
Lunesta Medications
Lupine Plants
Macadamia Nuts Foods
Madagascar Dragon Tree Plants
Marble Queen Plants
Marigold Plants
Marijuana Illicit Drugs
Matches Household Items
Mayapple Plants
Meloxicam Medications
Metaldehyde Insecticides
Methionine Medications
Methylphenidate Medications
Mexican Breadfruit Plants
Milkweed Plants
Miniature Croton Plants
Mistletoe Plants
Mock Orange Plants
Moldy Food (Mycotoxins) Foods
Monkshood Plants
Morning Glory Plants
Mothballs Household Items
Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Plants
Mountain Laurel Plants
Mouse and Rat Poison Garage Items
Moxidectin Medications
Mushrooms Foods
Naproxen Medications
Narcissus Plants
Needlepoint Ivy Plants
Nicotine Medications
Nightshade Plants
NSAIDs Medications
Oleander Plants
Onions Foods
Opioids & Opiates Medications
Organophosphates Insecticides
Oriental Lily Plants
Oxalates (Insoluble) Plants
Oxalates (Soluable) Plants
Paintballs Household Items
Paraquat Garden Items
Peace Lily Plants
Peach Pits Foods
Pencil Cactus Plants
Pennyroyal Oil Herbals
Peony Plants
Periwinkle Plants
Pesticides Garage Items
Petroleum Distillates Garage Items
Phenylpropanolamine Medications
Philodendron Plants
Phosphides Garage Items
Pimobendan Medications
Pine Oil Household Items
Play Dough (Homemade) Foods
Plumosa Fern Plants
Poinciana Plants
Poinsettia Plants
Poison Hemlock Plants
Poison Ivy Plants
Poison Oak Plants
Pokeweed Plants
Poppy Plants
Potato (Green) Foods
Precatory Bean Plants
Primrose Plants
Privet Plants
Propylene Glycol Garage Items
Pyrethrins & Pyrethroids Insecticides
Queensland Nut Plants
Raisins Foods
Rattlesnake Envenomations
Red Lily Plants
Red-Marginated Dracaena Plants
Rhododendrons Plants
Rhubarb Plants
Ribbon Plant Plants
Rubber Tree Plant Plants
Rubrum Lily Plants
Saddle Leaf Philodendron Plants
Sago Palm Plants
Salt Foods
Schefflera Plants
Scorpions Envenomations
Scotch Broom Plants
Shamrock Plants
Skunk Cabbage Plants
Sleep Aids Medications
Smoke Inhalation Toxic Gases
Snowdrops Plants
Spider Lily Plants
Spiders Envenomations
Spotted Dumbcane Plants
Star Fruit Foods
Star of Bethlehem Plants
Stargazer Lily Plants
Stinging Nettle Plants
String of Pearls Plants
Striped Dracaena Plants
Strychnine Garage Items
Super Glue Household Items
Sweet Pea Plants
Taro Vine Plants
Tea Tree Oil Herbals
Thyroid Medications Medications
Tick Collar Medications
Tiger Lily Plants
Tinsel Household Items
Toads Envenomations
Tobacco Plants
Tomato Plants
Tree Philodendron Plants
Tropic Snow Dumbcane Plants
Tulips & Hyacinths Plants
Tung Tree Plants
Virginia Creeper Plants
Vitamins Medications
Warneckei Dracaena Plants
Water Hemlock Plants
Weeping Fig Plants
Windshield Wiper Fluid Garage Items
Wisteria Plants
Wood Lily Plants
Xylitol Foods
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Plants
Yew Plants
Yucca Plants

Are you interested in finding out more about this list of household pet poisons? Find out more about each item listed at the Pet Poison Helpline website.

Please note that this list is not a complete and comprehensive list of all poisons. If you believe that your pet has been poisoned by any household substance please contact your local vet, visit your local emergency veterinarian or call the Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680.

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