5 Tips From a North Raleigh Vet on Preparing For Spring’s Arrival!

North Raleigh VetAs a North Raleigh Vet, Leesville Animal Hospital’s staff can’t wait for the arrival of spring because we are tired of this cold weather! But did you know that as spring rolls in, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure that your pet stays safe?

5 Tips From a North Raleigh Vet As We Approach Spring

Most pet owners know that they need to prepare their pet for winter, but did you know that as spring rolls around, there are hidden dangers out there for your pet too? Today we want to take a look at five quick tips from your favorite North Raleigh vet on how you can prepare for spring with your pet!

1. Ticks!

You should be watchful of ticks all year round and use flea and tick preventatives every month of the year. Many pet parents get a little complacent during winter months, however, so we want to remind you that as spring rolls around, so too do those nasty little spreaders of disease.

Keep up with your pet’s flea and tick preventative!

2. Wildlife Activity!

As temperatures warm up hibernating animals begin to wake and animals that simply slowed down during winter become more active. This means that you should keep a watchful eye on your pets when they’re on their daily walks, snakes are a particular concern in wooded areas and areas with a water source here in the Triangle!

3. Drowning

Not many pet owners realize that their pets can drown just as easily as our children can. While fewer homes here in the Triangle have swimming pools, if you do, please remember to keep them fenced off and secured with an alarm for your children and your pet’s safety!

4. Sunburn!

It might sound ridiculous, but did you know that your pets can get sunburned too? This is especially true if your pet has a skin condition that causes their fur to fall out, if they are a hairless breed, or have exceptionally short hair or fair skin/coat. If your pet is prone to sunburn or if you are worried about them getting a sunburn, talk to your North Raleigh vet and ask for a recommendation for pet-safe sunscreen!

5. Trampolines

It’s a peculiar thing to have to watch out for when you are a pet parent, but many families break out their trampoline come spring and this puts everyone at risk for serious injury. Not only can your children fall from the trampoline or fall and get hurt on the trampoline, but so too can your pets. Even if they are not on the trampoline themselves, there is always a possibility that they can be hurt by a child jumping on or off the trampoline.

If you want our advice, we recommend staying away from trampolines altogether, they just pose too many risks of injury for everyone!

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