Pet Boarding Raleigh Frequently Asked Questions

Today we’re looking at some of the most frequently asked questions about pet boarding Raleigh pet owners want answering. We know that leaving your furry family members in the charge of anyone can be worrisome, but here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we also know that a little knowledge can help to put your mind at ease.

Questions About Pet Boarding Raleigh Pet Owners Want Answering

Q: Why does my dog have to be current on their vaccinations when they board with you?

A: Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have a strict policy of requiring all of our pet boarding Raleigh guests to be up to date on vet care and vaccinations. This policy is for the safety of your pet and other pets who are entrusted in our care. If we were to allow an unvaccinated pet to stay in our facilities, it would put all of our other guests at risk of illness.

Q: Do I get a discount for long-term stays or for boarding multiple pets with you at one time?

A: We are always putting together specials and discounts for our clients, to see what offers we currently have available for your long-term stays and multiple boarding guests, pick up the phone and give us a call! You can reach us at (919)870-7000!

Q: Why do you ask for so much contact information for me while I’m on vacation?

A: We know that you’re on vacation and enjoying your time away, but we also know that should any questions or emergencies arise while your pet is staying with us, you would want to know. Rest assured that we will never abuse your contact information provided to us when your pet stays at our boarding facility, but we will use it to contact you in the event of an emergency.

Q: Can I bring my pet’s special food with them when they’re boarding with you?

A: We are always happy to do everything we can to accommodate your pet’s special needs, including feeding any food that you bring with your dog. There are some limitations on our ability to feed unique diets, however, so we always advise calling ahead to check that we can accommodate your pet’s needs.

Q: What should I do if my pet requires medication while they’re staying with you?

A: Our professionally trained boarding facility staff are trained in every aspect of caring for your pets while they are staying with us and that means administering medications too. We ask that when you check in with your pet, you let us know of their medical needs and bring any medicine with you when you arrive making sure that it is clearly labeled. Please note that we do charge a minimal fee for this service.

Q: Can I bring my pet’s bed/favorite toy when they’re staying in your boarding facility?

A: Sometimes pet parents want to bring their pet’s bed or favorite toy with their pet to offer some of the comforts of home. We try to accommodate these requests, but it is always best to call ahead of time and ask about the items you are interested in bringing. Our primary concern is always your dog’s comfort and safety.

Q: Where will my dog stay when they are in your boarding facility? Will they be indoors or outdoors?

A: We offer kitty condos and doggy suites at our pet boarding facilities. Our kitty condos are 100% indoor facilities with views of the outdoors and our doggy suites can be 100% indoors or indoor and outdoor suites. Our indoor and outdoor suites allow your dog to move from indoors to a secure outdoor run during the daytime so that they can get a little fresh air, lounge in the sun, or just get a change of scenery!

Q: Will my pet get sick while staying in your boarding facility?

A: Anytime that groups of animals are kept in one place, there is a chance that they will catch an illness. Think of traveling on a plane, being in close quarters with other people increases the chances that you’ll catch a cold from the passenger four rows back. Here at Leesville pet boarding Raleigh pet parents can take comfort in knowing that we require all of our boarding guests to be up to date on their vaccinations and healthcare. This helps us to avoid illness coming into our facilities – imagine if everyone on your plane had to see a doctor before traveling!

Q: What will my pet do all day when they’re staying in your boarding facility?

A: When using our pet boarding Raleigh pet owners are always welcome to schedule various add-on services that will give your pet plenty to do during the daytime! Scheduling activities like daycare playtime, extra walks, treat times, and brushing sessions with our staff, will keep your pet from getting homesick and make sure that they’re nice and tired when bedtime comes!

Looking For Pet Boarding Raleigh Pet Owners Trust?

If you’re looking for pet boarding Raleigh pet owners trust to care for their pets, pay us a visit at Leesville Animal Hospital. Our boarding facilities offer suites for cats and dogs (not together, of course!) and have some of the largest runs in Raleigh to give your dog plenty of room to stretch out and dream the day away…when they’re not playing in our doggy daycare, that is! If you’d like to find out more about our pet boarding facilities click here or give us a call today at (919)870-7000.

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