Pet Owners What Should You Expect From Your Raleigh 27613 Clinic?

Pet Owners What Should You Expect From Your Raleigh 27613 Clinic?

So, pet owners, what should you expect from your Raleigh 27613 clinic?

Most pet owners know that they want a veterinary clinic that is friendly, affordable, and attentive, but is there more that you should be looking for? Today we want to talk about a few things that you should expect from your vet clinic of choice.These things not only ensure you better service, but they also ensure that your pet receives quality care.

What Should You Expect From Your Raleigh 27613 Clinic?

We all want a friendly veterinarian that is both affordable and attentive to our pet’s health needs, but you should also expect more than this. What? Allow us to share a few of the things that we advise looking for…

  • Look for a veterinarian who you feel genuinely listens to your concerns as a pet parent.
  • Make sure that the Raleigh 27613 clinic you select is clean!
  • Are the staff at the clinic attentive?
  • Does the Raleigh 27613 clinic you use have an in-house pharmacy to make filling prescriptions easy and fast?
  • Is the Raleigh animal hospital you have selected accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)?
  • Do animals at the clinic seem fearful or afraid of the vets/staff or are they accepting of them? (Keep in mind that sick animals may not present as happy animals!)
  • Is the clinic booked for months ahead of time or could they fit in a routine appointment earlier than this?
  • Does the clinic offer emergency services after hours or do they work with a hospital that does?
  • Is the equipment in the hospital broken, rusty, or dirty or does it look clean and up to date?
  • If your pet has a special need does your vet have experience with this need?
  • Does the clinic follow current and local vaccination requirements and recommendations?
  • Is the vet willing or able to work you in should an emergency situation arise?
  • Does the clinic offer various payment solutions that work with your financial needs?

There are also some things that it’s definitely worth looking for in your Raleigh 27613 clinic. These aren’t “must have’s” but they certainly offer you the opportunity for better care!

  • Should you be an advocate of holistic and traditional medicine does the clinic support this approach?
  • If the clinic offers a doggy playgroup, do they have behavioral rules, spay and neuter rules, and other regulations in place to protect your pet?
  • If you advocate for titer testing rather than yearly vaccinations is this something that your vet supports?
  • Should you be looking for a groomer, boarding facility, or other additional services, does the clinic offer those on site?

Looking For a Raleigh 27613 Clinic For Your Pet?

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