Leesville is the Only Raleigh Animal Hospital Offering Hydrotherapy!

Leesville Animal Hospital is the only Raleigh Animal Hospital with Hydrotherapy!Did you know that Leesville Animal Hospital is the only Raleigh animal hospital that owns their own hydrotherapy tank?

In fact, we have an entire room dedicated to our hydrotherapy services where we get our patients warmed up, worked out, and stretched and iced afterward!

But why do you need a Raleigh animal hospital that offers hydrotherapy?

There are many benefits to a dog making use of a hydrotherapy tank. Whether you are looking to strengthen your dog’s joints prior to surgery or exercise them without the pain of arthritis, hydrotherapy can do it all!

Not exactly sure what hydrotherapy is? Allow us to explain!

Hydrotherapy at Leesville Raleigh Animal Hospital

Simply translated, hydrotherapy means therapy with water.

Some veterinary hospitals offer this type of therapy in the form of a swimming pool, but here at Leesville, we have a professional hydrotherapy tank for a more controlled atmosphere.

Our hydrotherapy tank is a large glass tank with an open top. The base of the tank contains a treadmill and the back side of the tank unlatches to create a ramp.

When you bring your dog in for hydrotherapy at our Raleigh animal hospital, we use this ramp to gently coax your dog into the hydrotherapy tank. Once your dog is inside the tank and comfortable, we close and latch the back side to secure them inside.

Next, as we reassure your dog with plenty of attention, we begin to fill the hydrotherapy tank to a comfortable level with warm water. Many of our clients refer to it as the “doggy hot tub” because the water is so relaxing and warm!

Once the tank is filled to a comfortable level – usually when your dog’s affected joints are submerged, but they are still on all fours! – we have one of our staff members who your dog trusts keep your dog focused and looking forward. Then our hydrotherapy technician will start the treadmill moving at a nice slow, comfortable pace.

The speed and incline of the underwater treadmill vary depending on your dog, their treatment plan, and what we are trying to accomplish for them.

The length of our hydrotherapy sessions also varies depending on your dog, but no matter how long it is, we keep a constant eye on your dog and keep them motivated! Worried that your pup might get tired? Don’t be! If we see any signs of fatigue as your dog is taking part in hydrotherapy, we either slow down their program or stop the treadmill completely and let your dog soak in the warm water for a while instead! Talk about relaxing! We’ve even had some of our bigger dogs sit down once the treadmill stops moving!

Why Use Hydrotherapy at Leesville Raleigh Animal Hospital?

There are many reasons to begin using hydrotherapy services, but some of the most common reasons that our patients sign their dog up include:

  • Older arthritic dogs who need exercise
  • Older dogs who are losing muscle mass in their hind end
  • Dogs recovering from knee, shoulder, or elbow surgery who need physical activity without weight bearing
  • Dogs preparing for surgery who need to build strength or muscle prior to their procedure

Think Our Hydrotherapy Services Might Be Right For Your Dog?

If you think that our Raleigh hydrotherapy services might be right for your dog, give us a call today! We will set up a consultation visit with one of our veterinarians and talk about whether hydrotherapy is the right choice for your dog. If we find that your dog could benefit from hydrotherapy, we will come up with a treatment plan that will work with your dog’s current state of health and work towards a healthier and stronger future!

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