Raleigh Cat Vet Answers Your Frequently Asked Feline Questions!

As a top Raleigh cat vet, we frequently have first-time cat parents drop in with their questions and many of these questions are similar. That’s why today, we’re taking a quick look at some of the most frequently asked feline questions and their answers! Although, don’t forget, if you ever need clarification about something or have a question that we haven’t answered, feel free to come by and talk to one of our three vets on staff!

Raleigh Cat Vet Answers Your Feline FAQ’s

Q: Are Cats Colorblind?

A: No! It’s all about the structure of your cat’s eye. The eye has rods and cones. Rods are responsible for night vision and peripheral vision where cones are responsible for color perception and daytime vision. The human eye has more cones than rods and the feline eye has more rods than cones so while cats can see color, they do not see it as well as we do. Additionally, while we have three types of cones, our cats only have two which means that while we see reds, greens, and blues, cats can only clearly see blues and greens. Because of this, you may hear people refer to your cat’s vision as being similar to that of a human who is colorblind.

Q: Are Cats Nocturnal?

A: Your cat’s wild cousins are largely nocturnal, however, since domestication, your cat’s waking habits have been modified. While most domestic indoor cats still wake and prowl the house at least once a night and spend the day sleeping when no one is home, they aren’t truly nocturnal simply because of their interaction with humans in the home. As your home becomes active when everyone returns from school or wakes up to get ready for work, your cat is, more than likely, going to become active too. So to answer this question, no, domestic cats are not (strictly speaking) nocturnal.

Q: Are Cats Carnivores?

A: Yes. In order to thrive, cats must be fed a true carnivorous diet which consists of a considerable amount of protein. Without a diet that is rich in protein and various other nutrients found in meat, your cat can suffer a range of health problems including heart problems, liver problems, hearing loss, and skin irritation.

Q: Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

A: No! As we mentioned above, cats have unique dietary requirements that must be met in order for them to thrive. Dogs do not have the same requirements of their diet. That means that if you were to feed your cat dog food, they would not be meeting their daily nutritional requirements of various nutrients, particularly certain amino acids.

Q: Can Cats Catch Colds?

A: Yes! Just like us, cats can catch colds. In fact, upper respiratory infections are quite common in young cats and cats with compromised immune systems. And, similarly to us when we catch colds from other humans, cats are more apt to develop upper respiratory infections when they spend time around a lot of other cats.

Q: Do Cats Dream?

A: Yes! Like us and like our dogs, it is believed that cats do dream and often the paw twitching and mouth movements you see as your cat sleeps are evidence of their dreaming!

Q: What is Catnip and is it Dangerous?

A: Catnip is a naturally occurring plant that belongs to the mint family. It is the active ingredient, nepetalactone, that is found in catnip that makes it so appealing to cats. Not all cats find catnip appealing, but it’s estimated that around 66% of cats do! Cats can have a variety of responses to catnip, but whatever the response, it usually only lasts for between five to ten minutes.

Is catnip dangerous? No. Catnip isn’t dangerous for cats, however, if your cat does get carried away and overdoes it, they can feel nauseous, vomit, and have diarrhea so it’s always best to set limits!

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