Raleigh Dog Adoption: Tips From a Vet on Adopting a Dog

Raleigh dog adoption – any dog adoption – is an incredible thing. Not only does adopting a dog help homeless dogs in the community, but it also helps the community overall. Before making the choice of Raleigh dog adoption, however, it’s important to consider a few things…

Raleigh Dog Adoption: Tips From a Vet on Adopting a Dog

Make Sure You Are Committed For a Lifetime

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time, but it’s a decision that should never be taken lightly. When you commit to a Raleigh dog adoption, you are committing to more than just a decision on the day of adoption, you are committing to caring for that dog for their full lifetime. Depending on a series of factors, this could be more than fifteen years…are you and your family committed to this amount of time?

Consider Whether You Are Adopting the Right “Type” of Dog

Just like people, dogs have their own personalities. When you are deciding on which dog is right for you, make sure that you “get to know” them. Now, you can’t possibly know everything about a dog before adoption, but you can talk to the shelter or rescue group to find out more about the dog you are considering adopting to determine whether they are the right fit for you. Find out as much as you can about the following:

The Overall Personality of the Dog

Are they a laid back dog or a highly motivated and energetic dog? Does this personality fit with your family dynamic? The wrong personality in the wrong environment can leave you and your new dog feeling frustrated and lead to behavioral problems.

The Age of the Dog

You may not be able to get an exact age for the dog you are considering, but you can know whether they are a puppy, young adult, adult, or senior. Each life stage comes with unique challenges and depending on your lifestyle, you may be better suited to one life stage over another.

Any “Habits” or Characteristics that You Should Be Aware Of

Does the dog have aggression towards other dogs? Do they have trouble with “sharing” food or toys? These are behavioral issues that can be worked on, but they do make the dog the “wrong choice” for certain types of families. For example, if you have young children at home, you wouldn’t be the right family for a dog with food or toy aggression.

The Medical Needs of the Dog

Any dog can develop medical needs during their lifetime, but just like us, some dogs have more significant medical needs than others, for example, a puppy born with a genetic abnormality. Adopting one of these medically needy dogs can make you feel like a superhero and can put you in the spotlight of animal rescue communities, however, it’s important to remember that once that feeling wears off, you still have to manage the day to day needs of your special needs dog. Are you prepared for this financially, physically, and mentally or would you be better suited for a dog with less specialized needs?

Do You Have a Vet?

If you are adopting a dog – particularly if that dog is from a rural animal control center or shelter, you want to have a veterinary appointment lined up with a vet ASAP and to do that you have to have a vet!

Dogs from some of the smaller rural shelters and centers are seldom fully health checked or treated for illnesses due to limited resources. It is your job to provide that care ASAP to the dog that you adopt, so having a veterinarian picked out already is beneficial. Not sure where to begin? Ask other pet parents in your area for recommendations and visit clinics that are of interest.

Have You Committed to Your Raleigh Dog Adoption?

If you have committed to your Raleigh dog adoption or if you have already brought your new pup home and are in need of a reputable Raleigh vet, we’re here for you! We’d be thrilled to have another member in our Leesville animal hospital clinic family, just give us a call at (919)870-7000 today to make an appointment with one of our vets when it’s convenient for you!

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