Raleigh Dog Pool? Try a Hydrotherapy Session Instead!

Looking for a Raleigh dog pool to help your dog strengthen their muscles without the strain of traditional exercise? Allow us to explain why you might be better considering getting your dog a session in our Raleigh hydrotherapy tank instead!

Stop Looking for a Raleigh Dog Pool and Try Hydrotherapy Instead!

If you have been looking for a Raleigh dog pool where you can take your dog to allow them to swim in a “controlled” environment and to exercise their muscles without the strain of traditional exercise methods? Have you considered getting your dog a session of hydrotherapy at Leesville Animal Hospital instead? Allow us to explain why it may be a better option for your dog…

Hydrotherapy is More Controlled

When you take your dog swimming to provide them with a less strenuous form of exercise you are relying on the buoyancy of the water to relieve the strain of supporting their full body weight. Both a Raleigh dog pool and a hydrotherapy tank can do that, but when your dog has a full pool to swim in, their exercise becomes less controlled.

With twists and turns as they switch direction and scrambling with other dogs while they play and even jumping into the deeper end of the pool…we don’t have to tell you that all of these activities that take place in a regular pool can cause extreme strain and stress on your dog’s joints and muscles. For younger, healthier dogs, this isn’t necessarily a problem (although it certainly can be!), but for older dogs, dogs with joint concerns, dogs with weak muscles, or dogs recovering from or preparing for surgery, these swimming activities can spell catastrophe.

Fortunately, our hydrotherapy tank provides your dog with the benefits of swimming while maintaining a controlled atmosphere with no twists and turns, no jumps, and no other dogs to contest with.

A Hydrotherapy Tank is More Sanitary

When you let your pup swim in a large Raleigh dog pool where many other dogs have swum before, you are essentially taking them to a public swimming pool. Yes, we know public pools are maintained, but how often does that maintenance take place and what happens between those “treatments”? The potential of parasites, bacteria, and goodness knows what else surviving in general pool water is there and this can mean disaster if your dog is immuno-compromised or healing from a wound or surgery.

When you use our Raleigh Hydrotherapy facility, you can take peace of mind from the fact that after EACH use of our hydrotherapy tank, the tank and the water are filtered and sanitized before the next pup steps in. That means that each time your dog steps into their hydrotherapy session they are getting their own personal pool.

Your Dog’s Exercise Can Be Tailored to Their Needs

Where general swimming can be very beneficial to your dog, if they have special needs, (they are older, preparing for or recovering from surgery, or have other special needs) hydrotherapy may be a much better choice because it can be tailored to your dog.

In a large pool, you have less control of your dog’s movement and you will be hardpressed to control your dog’s speed. In a hydrotherapy tank, however, your dog’s speed, direction, and movement can all be manipulated to their benefit.

A Veterinary Professional Will Watch Over Your Dog

When your dog has special needs from their exercise regime, it can be worrying to let them “loose” in a full sized pool. When you choose a hydrotherapy session, however, our veterinary staff will plan your dog’s activity to suit their needs and their current state of health. In addition to following a planned exercise routine, your dog will be under the full supervision of our hydrotherapy technician so any necessary adjustments can be made and you can feel safe knowing that your dog is being monitored at all times.

Hydrotherapy is a One on One Activity

If you find a Raleigh dog pool, there’s a possibility that a number of dogs will be at the pool in addition to your dog. This doesn’t just mean that your dog is going to interact with them, but it also means that there is more chaos to track in the pool. When you opt for a hydrotherapy session for your dog, however, they are the only one in the hydrotherapy tank and they have a set of eyes on them and only them at all times!

The Hydrotherapy Tank is Therapeutically Warm

Swimming pool temperatures are comfortable, but not necessarily warm. In our hydrotherapy tank, however, the water is always therapeutically warm. Why is it important for the water to be so warm? Warm water provides a number of health benefits, but the one that we love the most is the fact that warm water makes your dog feel good! Warm water relaxes tense muscles, it helps to increase range of motion, it soothes tired achy joints, and it just makes exercise more enjoyable!

Ready to Try Hydrotherapy in Raleigh Instead of Looking For a Raleigh Dog Pool?

If you think that our hydrotherapy tank sounds right for your dog and you’re tired of trying to find a Raleigh dog pool, give us a call at Leesville Animal Hospital! You can give us a call anytime during the week at (919)870-7000 and let us know that you would like to give your dog a session in our Raleigh hydrotherapy tank!

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