Does Your Dog Need a Raleigh NC Groomer?

Does Your Dog Need a Raleigh NC Groomer?Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have an amazing Raleigh NC groomer on staff!

Sometimes, however, as a less experienced dog owner, it can be difficult to know whether your dog needs a bath or more serious grooming!

So today, we want to talk about how you can tell whether your dog needs a groomer or just a simple bath.

Does Your Dog Just Need a Bath or Do They Need a Raleigh NC Groomer?

Whether you have a mixed breed or purebred dog, sometimes it can be a little tricky to tell whether your pup needs an all out grooming session! To help you to determine whether your dog could benefit from the services of our Raleigh NC groomer or simply one of our deep clean baths, we have put together a few tips.

Matting and Tangles

Matting and tangling of fur are not only painful for your pup, but can also damage their coat and their skin. If your pup has matting or tangling in their fur, then you have likely waited a little too long for your grooming session and it’s definitely time to pay us a visit!

Obstructed Vision

If your longer haired dog is having trouble seeing because their fur has grown over their eyes, then it’s time for a grooming!

Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, and Anal Gland Expression

If your pup is in need of their nails trimming, ears cleaning, and anal glands expressing, then it’s time to give our Raleigh NC groomer a call! Instead of just a basic bath which removes dirt and debris, grooming allow you to cover all your bases in one affordable package!

Coat Length

If you have a longer haired breed and their hair is beginning to catch food around their mouth, trap feces around their hind end, become urine soaked around their personal area or interfere with their movement, it’s time for grooming! Your dog’s coat should never interfere with their hygiene or their mobility.

Showing and Show Cut Standards

If you have a show dog, then chances are that you are already aware of the signs that your dog needs a grooming session! Sometimes, though, your dog may just need a cut or trim to meet show cut standards!

Just a Bath?

If your think your pup is just a little odorous, greasy, dusty, or grimy, then the chances are that you just need to drop by and see us for a bath! We’ll have your pup in and out in no time, just call ahead and book your appointment at (919)870-7000.

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