Raleigh NC Veterinarians Want You To Know This, This Memorial Day!

Raleigh NC VeterinariansRaleigh NC veterinarians want you to know a thing or two about Memorial Day when it comes to your pet’s safety!

Like any celebrated day, memorial day is a day of gatherings, memorials, and time spent with friends and family. With that said, it is also a day that can pose numerous threats to your pet and Raleigh NC veterinarians have a few tips for you.

Tips From Raleigh NC Veterinarians to Keep Your Pets Safe This Memorial Day

Memorial day may not be a “July 4th” type occasion in your home, but it’s a good time to remind you of a few safety tips for keeping your pets safe during days of celebration.

1. Make sure that guests arriving in your home are aware that you have a dog. This allows you to be aware of any guests who have allergies or phobias that you may need to address beforehand.

2. Make sure guests in your home are aware of rules pertaining to your dog. For example, please don’t feed Fido people food or please be careful that Tabby doesn’t escape when you go out to the deck.

3. If you will be having fireworks ensure that your pets are safe indoors where they will not get spooked and run off. Better still, forego fireworks for something a little more pet-friendly!

4. If you are grilling out make sure that pets stay away from hot grease traps and dripping oil!

5. If guests are regularly coming in and out of your home, consider containing your pet in a room or with baby gates so that they cannot escape your home.

6. Make sure that your pets are up to date on flea and tick preventatives so any pests brought inside your home won’t attach themselves!

7. Be aware of any children who will be attending your event and know whether or not your pet will be able to cope with the presence of a child. It may also help to remind any children in attendance of the proper way to approach your pets.

8. Ask that guests refrain from feeding your pets greasy or fatty foods even if they are allowed to eat “people food”. These foods can cause severe gastrointestinal upset and pancreatitis.

9. Don’t put your pet in an unpredictable situation. If you plan on having unfamiliar stimulus around during the holiday, be aware of your pet. For example, if your dog has never met a child before, don’t allow a child to confront your dog unsupervised, instead, gently introduce them and if you see any signs of stress, give your dog an “out”.

10. Know when enough is enough. Like us, our pets can become overwhelmed with social situations. If you notice any signs that your pet is in need of a retreat, give them somewhere isolated and quiet where they can escape to such as an unoccupied bedroom.

Please remember that just because you might enjoy a holiday gathering, doesn’t mean that your pet will! Keep their comfort in mind and always do what’s in your pet’s best interest.

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