Raleigh NC Vets Share 10 Things Your Pet Wishes You Knew

Raleigh NC vetsRaleigh NC vets spend their days around various species and that experience gives them an insight that the average pet parent doesn’t have. So, today, Raleigh NC vets are dropping in with 10 things that your pet wishes you knew, advice based on decades of animal care.

Raleigh NC Vets Share 10 Things Your Pet Wants You to Know

1. When I Misbehave, It’s Almost Always Your Fault

No one likes to be blamed for anything, but the truth is that when your pet misbehaves, 99% of the time it’s your fault for not providing enough exercise, attention, structure, or clear enough instruction. When your pet does something they shouldn’t, stop to ask yourself what YOU could have done better rather than blaming them.

2. I Really Hate it When You Pull Me On Walks

When you take your dog out for a walk it’s their opportunity to see what’s going on around the neighborhood. They do this by smelling scents and leaving their own “calling card” behind. When you’re out with your dog, give them the chance to do this and to explore their world – you wouldn’t be happy cooped up in the house all day without being able to access Facebook or talk to friends, would you? The same goes for your dog.

3. I Bark Because I’m a Dog

Pet owners are often frustrated with their dogs when they bark, but the truth is that dogs bark. You can use positive reinforcement and behavioral training to teach your dog when they should not bark, but don’t yell at them for barking. Barking is a means of communication that your dog uses to tell you what is going on and when you yell at them or punish them for barking, you are essentially telling them to stop that communication with you. Rather than teach your dog that barking is “bad”, work on teaching them that what they’re barking at isn’t something worthy of barking at.

4. Please Don’t Declaw Me

Declawing cats is banned in a number of countries and numerous states, cities, and veterinary clinics in the U.S. are following suit and there’s a good reason. Many cat owners think that declawing their cat is a simple procedure like trimming their nails, but more traditionally “declawing” a cat involves amputation of the last bone of each of your cat’s toes.

5. I’m Just Fine Living Indoors

Many cat owners think that they have to let their cat explore outdoors to exercise their “catness”. The fact is, though, that your cat is perfectly happy living indoors and they’re much safer as an indoor only cat too. Don’t believe us? Check out this post on our blog!

6. That Cigarette Isn’t Just Bad For You

Did you know that cigarette smoke is bad for your pets? It’s probably not something that you give much thought to when you light up a smoke, but every time you expose your pet to cigarette smoke, you are putting their health at risk. The worst part? They can’t even tell you that your smoke is bothering them!

7. I’m Not a Vegetarian or a Vegan

Cats are considered carnivores and dogs are considered omnivores but both depend upon meat for proper nutrition. NEVER try to feed your cat or dog a vegetarian or vegan diet without first talking to your vet and a canine nutritionist. Without properly balancing your pet’s diet they will not receive the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive and this will result in malnutrition and sickness.

8. You Don’t Have to Rub My Belly When You See It

Both cats and dogs occasionally like a belly rub, but just because they are showing your belly doesn’t mean that you have to pet it. Sometimes your cat or dog is relaxing – stretching out and showing their belly is a sign that they are comfortable around you – and they don’t want to be disturbed. Before you jump in and start rubbing that belly, assess the situation to determine whether they really do want a belly rub or whether they’re just taking a well-deserved break from playing.

9. I Shed

Whether you have a cat or a dog, as long as they have hair, they are going to shed. When you bring a pet into your home you accept this fact and accept that you’re going to have pet hair on your clothes, furniture, and carpets. If you are going to complain about pet hair or you are going to get rid of me because pet hair is a problem for you, please don’t bring me home in the first place.

10. Just Because My Tail is Wagging it Doesn’t Mean I’m Happy

People often misinterpret a dog wagging their tail as a sign of their being happy. While dogs do wag their tail when they’re happy and having fun, they also use their tail to express other emotions too (your cat does as well!) Don’t assume that just because your dog is wagging their tail that they’re happy, pay attention to the situation and to other elements of body language to get a better idea of what your dog is trying to tell you.

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