Don’t Forget Your Raleigh Pet Dentist Discount in February!

Raleigh Pet DentistIf you have been searching for a Raleigh pet dentist or are just now realizing that your dog is long overdue for a dental cleaning, then make sure that you give us a call!

During the month of February, all of our clients who book their pet for a dental cleaning will all receive a 10% discount! That’s a full 10% off the cost of your pet’s regular dental cleaning and that’s an incredible savings. Just make sure you call and book your pet’s appointment quickly, though, because we only have so many appointments available and once February is over, the cost of cleanings goes back up!

The Importance of Your Raleigh Pet Dentist to Your Dog’s Health

Many pet parents neglect their dog’s dental health at home as well as at their vet. This is never advisable because poor dental hygiene can lead to abscesses, lost teeth, toothache, and even heart disease! In fact, it’s pretty amazing the reach that poor dental health can have over the course of your dog’s lifetime.

This common trend of neglecting pet dental health is the very reason why we offer a 10% discount on dental cleanings during February. Firstly, the pain that comes with a toothache can be unbearable and no living being should have to endure it. Secondly, the bacteria that build up due to poor dental health can cause much more serious conditions like an infection of the sac that surrounds the heart. Left untreated, this type of infection can cost your dog their life!

By maintaining a regular brushing schedule at home, including dental toys and bones into your dog’s routine, you help your dog to avoid plaque buildup on their teeth and scrape away any existing buildup of plaque that has already begun. It is these plaques that contribute to lost teeth, infection, and other dental problems.

Even with a good dental routine at home, it’s still important for your dog to receive an annual dental checkup and cleaning. This allows your vet to examine the health of teeth, check for fractures or cracks, and remove any stubborn plaque that has been missed by regular brushing. After a full dental cleaning, your dog’s teeth will be polished to remove any grooves or abrasions that allow for plaque to take hold of teeth more effectively.

All in all, if you do your part with a weekly cleaning routine and book your pup in for an annual cleaning as well, you can help to ensure that your dog has optimal dental health!

Time For a Visit to Your Raleigh Pet Dentist?

Is it about time for your pup to visit your Raleigh pet dentist? Why not take advantage of our 10% discount on a dental cleaning during February? Give us a call at (919)870-7000 and grab one of our limited availability dental cleaning appointments today before we’re booked full!

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