Raleigh Veterinary Hospital Canine ACL Surgery

Raleigh Veterinary Hospital Canine ACL SurgeryOur Raleigh veterinary hospital has completed a considerable number of canine ACL (CCL) surgeries in our time! If you live in the Raleigh, NC area and have a dog in need of a CCL repair surgery, we’d love the opportunity to help your four-legged friend get back on their feet.

Canine CCL Surgery at Our Raleigh Veterinary Hospital

Hearing that your dog has torn their canine cruciate ligament can be devastating. It’s not just that your pup is feeling unwell and unable to walk on all four legs, but the idea of an invasive surgery can be daunting too.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we see a countless number of clients with CCL tears every year. Why do we see so many clients with CCL tears? Well, not only do we have an incredible success rate with our surgical CCL repairs, but we also offer our clients the opportunity to use our canine hydrotherapy suite.

Our Raleigh veterinary hospital boasts a full hydrotherapy suite that allows us to prepare our CCL repair clients before their surgery and strengthen their muscles after their surgery. Why is hydrotherapy so important? Because it offers our dogs the opportunity to strengthen muscles while the buoyancy of the water keeps a lot of your dog’s body weight off that injured leg. This means no further injury or strain on the injured leg, but it also stops joints from stiffening or weakening due to lack of exercise!

By following a regimen of pre-surgery hydrotherapy, post-surgery hydrotherapy, therapeutic stretching, and manipulation, you will not only shorten your dog’s recovery time post-surgery, but you will also minimize the muscle loss and chance of re-injury post-surgery by increasing your dog’s strength through low-impact exercise.

We are one of the very few veterinary clinics in North Carolina with our own hydrotherapy suite, and we do everything in our power to make our hydrotherapy sessions an affordable part of every dog’s recovery routine.  Why do we care so much? Well firstly, we hate seeing our furry clients in pain. Secondly, once a dog injures one CCL, there is a very high likelihood that they will injure the second CCL within a short time. The reason for this is the increased weight load that is put on the non-injured leg when recovering from CCL repair surgery. We like to keep the likelihood of your dog injuring their other CCL as minimal as possible and our hydrotherapy tank allows us to do this in combination with a strict post-surgical routine. Okay, our amazing veterinarians have a little something to do with it too!

Need a Canine CCL repair? Our Raleigh Veterinary Hospital Can Help

No matter who your usual vet might be, if your pup needs a CCL repair, we invite you to take advantage of our surgical services as well as our Raleigh hydrotherapy suite! Just give us a call at (919)870-7000 and let us know how we can get your pup started on the road to recovery today!

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