Should I Adopt a Senior Dog?

November is adopt a senior pet month and here at Leesville Animal Hospital we couldn’t be happier! While we love ALL of our furry, fuzzy and sometimes even naked! animal friends, we have a special place in our hearts for the seniors. So today, in celebration of adopt a senior pet month we want to take a look at some of the most frequently given excuses for not adopting senior pets!

Adopt a Senior Pet

When it comes to adopting a new pet into the family, most families default to the puppies and kittens and occasionally a young adult. But did you know that there are plenty of benefits to adopting a senior pet? And it’s not as scary as it sounds! Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people give for not adopting senior pets and why they are no reason to overlook those greying muzzles.

Senior Pets Cost Much More than Other Pets
Many people believe that because a pet is a ‘senior’ that they are automatically going to cost more to care for. While some senior pets may come with additional expenses to manage age-related health conditions, this is not always the case. Even when senior pets do have age-related health expenses, you need to remember that young pets come with their own set of expenses too! Frequent vaccinations, training expenses, even replacing items that have been destroyed by destructive chewing…
Senior Pets Wont Give me a Lifetime with my Dog or Cat
No, you won’t get a full lifetime by adopting a senior pet, but you will get a lifetime of love and appreciation. Senior pets in the shelter know that they are overlooked, they also often have experience with what being loved and cared for means. This only serves to increase their appreciation when someone does take a chance on them. Looking for unconditional and unending devotion? Give a senior pet a chance and you won’t be sorry!
I Love my Pets too Much I Just Cant Watch One Die
The term senior is one that we relate to the human condition. Senior can refer to a dog that is between the ages of 6 to 9 depending upon their breed or a cat aged 7 or above. Just because a pet has reached these ages does not mean that they are ready to head to the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow. A few pets even live to their mid-twenties! But even if you do adopt a senior pet who has just months or a few years left, can you really say that you love animals if you don’t offer that pet a soft place to rest their head for their remaining time on Earth? Watching any pet age is painful, but the satisfaction in knowing that you have given one pet a chance to experience love and life in their final stage of life mutes that grief and pain every time.
I Wouldnt Know How to Care for a Senior Pet
Just like any pet, senior pets are individuals with individual needs. Not all senior pets have special needs and even those that do are nothing to be afraid of! Just like we learn to undertake new tasks in our everyday lives, we can learn very quickly how to meet the needs of a senior pet and in most cases these needs are much less than those of the youngsters!  
I Cant Give a Senior Pet What they Need
Every dog has needs. If you are unable to care for a senior pet’s needs then you are very likely unable to care for any pet’s needs. Just like children, there is always the chance that your pet is going to get hurt, require surgery, ingest something they shouldn’t etc. All of these things come with a cost that you need to be prepared to pay. As for the everyday needs of a senior pet? Those every day runs with a puppy become a slow saunter around the neighborhood, that puppy chow becomes senior chow, those broken and chewed toys become well-loved snuggle buddies, that crazy needy puppy that interrupts movie night becomes a couch potato…do you really still believe that you can’t give a senior pet what they need?
But I Want a Running Partner
Okay, we concede your point here. Senior pets aren’t the right choice for everyone. Senior dogs are not going to give you the running partner that an adult dog might, but they sure would love to help you with your warm up and cool down!

Considering adopting a senior pet this November? Don’t forget that here at Leesville we offer a new adoption discount!

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