Should I Get A Puppy? What You Should Be Asking This Season…

Should I get a puppy? It’s a question many dog lovers ask themselves…but as a dog lover, do you know how to answer that question honestly?

Puppies are cute, there is no denying it, but do you really know what to consider before bringing a new puppy home? Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we take pet ownership very seriously so today we’re going to share some points with you that everyone should know before getting a puppy!


Should I Get a Puppy? What You Should Consider First…

– Puppies grow into full grown dogs that cannot be abandoned just because they’re older. A dog can be as much as an 18 year+ commitment!

– Your new puppy WILL pee and poop inside as they learn potty training.

– Puppies are mischievous, when they’re not sleeping, eating or going to the potty, they will be playing and it’s your job to make sure they’re not playing with something that will get them into trouble!

– Puppies CANNOT hold it for long periods of time, expect to need to come home from work on your lunch break to let your pup out to the bathroom.

– Puppies HAVE to have healthcare to protect them from illness, this can be expensive.

– You will ALWAYS need an emergency fund in case your puppy or dog becomes sick or has an accident.

– Not all puppies want to cuddle and be held – in fact, the constant holding of your puppy can result in some serious behavior issues in later life. Let your puppy be a dog!

– Behaviors you allow from your puppy will be behaviors carried out when they are fully grown, keep this in mind as you train your dog.

– Being a responsible puppy owner means picking up after your dog – yes, this means picking up poop!


Puppies that are well cared for and well loved will grow into well behaved and healthy dogs, it is your responsibility to set your dog up for this success.

Dog Ownership is a serious responsibility!

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