Should I Get ACL Repair Surgery For My Dog?

We have a lot of Raleigh vet clients that consult us about pending ACL repair surgery for their dogs. While we do not provide orthopedic surgery at this time, we do answer a lot of questions for our clients. One of the most commonly asked questions of the Leesville Animal Hospital veterinary team is whether owners should have the surgery.

Should You Get ACL Repair Surgery For Your Dog?

CCL Repair

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding “is CCL repair surgery right for my dog?”. The best way to take all of these factors into consideration is to schedule a time to sit down with your vet and your dog’s surgeon if possible. Make sure that you write down all questions you have beforehand if you can – often we forget our questions until we step out of the doctor’s office and it’s no different with vets either!

Questions to Ask Your Vet

If you are unsure of which questions to ask your vet, we recommend asking some of the following:

– Is surgery my dog’s only option for his CCL tear?

– Is surgery the best option for my dogs CCL tear?

– Which type of CCL repair surgery is my dog a candidate for?

– Which of these viable surgery options is the best for my dog? (If this were your dog, which option would you choose?)

What do I need to know about putting my dog through surgery?

– What do I need to know about my dog’s recovery?

– What will I need to do to prepare for my dog’s recovery?

– What medications will be involved in the surgery and healing process? (This is particularly important for specific breeds of dog as well as dogs that are sensitive to medications. Your vet will be able to discuss alternative medications or methods of reducing the side effects of medications if necessary.)

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

NEVER be afraid to ask your vet or your pet’s surgeon to sit down with you and explain what is going to be done during your dog’s surgery and what to expect afterward. As a pet parent, it is important that you are confident about going into your pet’s surgery so that you can better help them to recover.

Call Us Today If You Have Questions About Your Dog’s ACL Repair Surgery

If you have any questions about your pet’s CCL tear and live in the Raleigh, NC area, give Leesville Animal Hospital a call at (919-870-7000) and we’ll be glad to discuss your dog’s upcoming surgery with you.

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