Should I Put My Pet Through Surgery?

Should I put my pet through surgery? It’s a question that weighs on any pet owner’s mind.

As a responsible pet owner, you are often faced with decisions and choices that can be made more complicated by the fact that your pet can’t talk. This lack of communication puts a lot of pressure on you to make the right choice for your pet. Fortunately, however, if you have a good relationship with your pet’s veterinarian, then you will always have someone on hand to consult about your pet related decisions.

Canine Surgery

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One question that pet owners frequently consult their veterinarian about is “should I put my pet through surgery?” This particular question is a tricky one because there are a great many factors that go in to making a decision to put a pet through surgery. This is where having a good relationship with your pet’s veterinarian is crucial.

Your veterinarian will be able to weigh the pros and cons of putting your pet through surgery from a nonbiased and medical point of view. Your vet can provide you with the facts by answering a number of questions such as: Is this surgery necessary? Is the surgery likely to be successful and improve my pet’s quality of life? Is the surgery particularly risky? Is my pet healthy enough to survive such a surgery? Are there any breed specific concerns to take into account when considering surgery?

Some of the common factors that will influence your veterinarian’s answers to these questions include:

– Your pet’s age. Older pets and very young pets are generally at more risk when put under anesthesia.

– Your pet’s current health. Existing conditions can complicate even routine surgeries.

– Your pet’s breed. Some breeds are particularly sensitive to anesthesia which makes surgery risky regardless of the type of surgery contemplated.

– The necessity of the surgery. If the surgery is lifesaving, it is necessary.

– Current medications your pet is taking. As with people, some medications can interfere with each other causing complications.

– Your pet’s expected lifespan. Surgery that will extend a pet’s life by many years is certainly worth contemplating where surgery that will extend a pet’s life by a week or two while causing more pain for your pet is less preferable.

If you have any questions about whether or not you should put your pet through surgery, drop into Leesville Animal Hospital and talk with one of our veterinarians about what options are available to you and your pet.

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