Should I Take My Cat And Dog To The Same Raleigh Vet?

Should you take your cat and dog to the same Raleigh vet? Here at Leesville Animal Hospital dog and cat vet in Raleigh, NC we see many clients who have both dogs and cats and who choose to bring them both to us for care.

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Should You Use the Same Raleigh Vet For Your Two Pets?

As the owner of both dogs and cats, you may be asking yourself whether it is the best choice for you to bring both of your pets into the same Raleigh vet.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, all of our veterinarians are fully knowledgeable of many species and can offer you excellent care, but when it all comes down to it, the comfort of you and your pets is what is important. So we certainly understand that you may have different vet preferences for each of your pets.

For example, Dr. Neligon here at our clinic is very well versed in felines, but you may prefer to use Dr. Pearce for your dog’s annual checkup because your dog has seen him before. Then again, Dr. Neligon and Dr. Pearce both are exceptionally well versed in both fields of care so you wouldn’t go wrong having both of your pets visiting just one of them!

With that said, here at Leesville we do recommend that you frequent the same practice with both your cats and your dogs for multiple reasons.

-Driving between different veterinary clinics can be tiresome.

– It is easier for you to confuse your pets appointments when you frequent more than one veterinary clinic.

– Having both pets with the same veterinary practice allows vets to keep tabs on medications that are being dispersed to each pet in the household.

– Frequently individual services are discounted when provided for multiple pets so this can also save you money when you bring both your cat and your dog to the same veterinary practice!

If you have any questions about Dr Pearce or Dr. Neligon’s experience with feline or canine medicine please don’t hesitate to contact us and see which of our vets is the best fit for your pet!

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