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ACL Surgery For Dogs

When you find yourself faced with a dog with a torn CCL the surgery decisions laid before you can feel overwhelming particularly when you are looking at ACL surgery for dogs.   ACL Surgery For Dogs When it comes to deciding whether or not you should agree to ACL surgery for your dog you will […]

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Is My Dog’s Nose Temperature A Sign That He’s Sick?

Is my dog’s nose temperature a sign that he’s sick? This is a question we get a lot here at Leesville from dog owners! There is a common belief that the moisture level or temperature of a dog’s nose is demonstrative of a dog’s overall health. Today on our blog we want to talk about whether […]

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What Should I Do If I See A Dog In A Hot Car?

We have talked before about the dangers of leaving your dog in a hot car during summer time here on the Leesville Animal Hospital Blog. Today though, we want to share with you what you should do if you do spot a dog inside a hot car. As noted by PETA “On a 78-degree day, […]

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How Boarding Can Help Your Dog’s Urinary Health

When most people think of boarding their dogs they are hesitant for many reasons, but did you know that for some dogs boarding in a kennel like Leesville Animal Hospital in Raleigh, NC can helpful to urinary health. The weekend is everyone’s idea of a fun time to hit the town, whether you are taking […]

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How to Properly Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Depending upon what type of dog you have, you may already be particularly well versed with canine ear infections and how to properly clean your dog’s ears. In case you aren’t however, we want to share a video with you today that shows you the proper way to clean your dog’s ears. If you suspect […]

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Why Is My Dog Scooting Their Butt on the Carpet?

One question that we run into quite a lot here at Leesville Animal Hospital is – “why is my dog scooting their butt on the carpet?”  Well, today we are going to take a look at the most common answer to this question – anal gland trouble. Dogs can scoot their hind ends on your carpet […]

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