Leesville Vet 27613 Shares 4 Recent Pet Articles Worth Reading

At our Leesville vet 27613 clinic, we always have our noses buried in articles, studies, and veterinary news, but once in a while, we run across great articles that we think every pet parent would enjoy. Today we’re sharing four of our recent favorites and we hope that you like them as much as we did!

Leesville Vet 27613 Shares 4 Recent Pet Articles Worth Reading

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1. Michigan State University Finds That Like Humans, Dog’s Personalities Change Over Time.

We found this recent article covering new findings by Michigan State researchers particularly interesting. The study found evidence to support that fact that just like our personalities are shaped over time as a result of various life events, so too are our dog’s! Many of these changes, researchers found, were the result of human influence, but just how much William Chopik, professor of psychology, is unsure and intends to study further in the future.

Why did our vet 27613 clinic staff find this piece so interesting? Because it shows that both nature and nurture have a powerful influence over the way our dogs behave.

2. The University of Liverpool and Mars Petcare’s WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition Find Overweight Dogs May Live Shorter Lives

We know that this isn’t the most mind-blowing headline, in fact, most of us already knew that being overweight influences your lifespan no matter what species you are. So, what does this article tell us that we didn’t know already? The study which was published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine was a decades-long study which looked at over 50,000 dogs. The findings? On average, dogs who maintain an ideal body weight live 2 1/2 years longer than overweight dogs.

Why did our vets and vet staff appreciate this study if it was something we already know? Because while we appreciate any good research, we appreciate that research, even more, when it’s in terms that clients of our vet 27613 clinic can really make sense of. Quite simply, this study allows us to inform our clients that ignoring the fact that their dog is overweight may cost them an average of two and a half years of time spent together.

3. The AAHA releases 2019 Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)  recently updated its guidelines for dental care recommendations for dogs and cats. The new guidelines were designed to improve overall pet dental health and reduce the prevalence of periodontal disease in our pets! It’s very important that you as a pet owner are familiar with these updated AAHA dental cleaning recommendations because they can keep your dog or cat’s teeth healthy and prevent the development of periodontal disease and more serious illness that can follow.

Why are we sharing this announcement when it’s not so much of an article? Because when these recommendations change, it’s important that you are as aware of them as your veterinarian is because good pet dental health begins at home.

4. Cat Declawing May Soon Be a Thing of the Past in California

At the end of February, Assemblyman Bill Quirk introduced a bill targeting the practice of declawing cats in California. When he introduced AB 1230, Assemblyman Quirk noted that with his new bill, the unnecessary process of declawing cats would be illegal and only permitted to be performed for very specific therapeutic purposes and only by a licensed veterinarian.

Why are we sharing this article? Because in many other parts of the world, declawing cats is outlawed and many cities in California have outlawed the practice too. This is a trend that we see gathering momentum and over the coming years, we expect it to come into effect in many other states, not just California!

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