Are You Looking For a Vet in Raleigh NC?

Vet in Raleigh NCAre you looking for a vet in Raleigh NC? Then look no further because we have three fabulous vets on staff here at Leesville Animal Hospital!

Whether you are in need of regular routine care for your pets or long term treatment management, we have the experience on our team to provide what you need.

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have three generations of veterinarians on staff.

Each of our veterinarians brings a wealth of experience to the table and together they provide your pets with the comprehensive and understanding care your pet deserves!

Find Your Vet in Raleigh NC At Leesville Animal Hospital!

With three great vets to choose from at Leesville Animal Hospital, you never have to worry about having a qualified veterinarian on hand for your pet’s appointment.

Dr. Pearce is the owner of our small clinic and has been a veterinarian for more than thirty years! Dedicated to the health of his patients and a firm advocate of the ethical treatment of animals, Dr. Pearce has experience treating a wide range of animals from goats to kittens!

Dr. Neligon joined us here at Leesville Animal Hospital in 2005 and has been a valued member of our team ever since! Dr. Neligon has a passion for internal medicine and is the primary caregiver for the Durham Highway Fire-dog!

Dr. Tull is the newest member of our team here at Leesville Animal Hospital joining us here in 2015. Experienced in small animal and emergency vet care, Dr. Tull also has experience with exotic animal care!

Could Leesville Be Your Vet in Raleigh NC?

Have you been looking for a vet in Raleigh NC with a group of veterinarians with diverse expertise and specialization? Why not give us a call at (919)870-7000 and see if our vets here at Leesville Animal Hospital could be right for you!

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