10 Tips You Need to Know From Veterinarians Raleigh NC Trusts

Tips You Need to Know From Veterinarians Raleigh NCAs veterinarians Raleigh NC trusts we get asked a lot of questions about pet ownership here at Leesville Animal Hospital. These questions range from basic pet care advice to more in-depth questions.

Today we want to share 10 quick tips that can help to answer some of these questions before you even ask them!

10 Tips You Need to Know From Veterinarians Raleigh NC Trusts

1. Yes, you do need to stay on top of your pet’s annual examinations. Not only are annual exams the best way for us to catch illness early, but they serve as an annual vaccination check.

2. Yes, vaccinations are important. We know that there is a lot of controversy over vaccinations for people and pets and there are some instances when certain vaccinations would be ill-advised. There are also many lifesaving vaccines that are necessary to your pet’s health and one (rabies) that is even legally required!

3. Yes, you should get lumps and bumps checked out when you notice them on your pet. There is no way to know just by looking at a lump or bump whether it is benign or malignant and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Yes, you should be brushing your pet’s teeth regularly. Preventative dental care is much easier, more pleasant, and more affordable than emergency dental care!

5. Yes, you can ask that “one question” you’re embarrassed to ask. It doesn’t matter what it is, most pet parents have one question that they want to ask but are too embarrassed to ask. Just like doctors, we are medical professionals and have heard it all before, our priority is always taking care of your pet and making sure that you are informed.

6. Yes, monthly preventatives are necessary! Heartworm disease can be fatal and fleas and ticks can cause a wide range of illnesses that can be lifelong and devastating, why would you risk these things to save a few dollars a month?

7. Yes, you should accompany your pet during their euthanasia. We know it’s a very difficult time and we will never pressure you into staying with your pet at this time, but we really wish that you would and so does your pet.

8. Yes, you should stop giving your dog table scraps. Not only are human foods much more calorie-laden than dog foods, but they are also full of fats, sugars, and dangerous ingredients that can cause significant health problems for our pets.

9. No, you should not be bathing your dog every week. Unless your dog has a medical condition that requires medicated bath treatments, overbathing them can cause itchy skin and deplete the healthy oils on your dog’s coat. Most dogs are just fine with a few serious baths a year and a rinse off when they get dirty.

10. No, you aren’t the only pet parent who can’t cut their pet’s nails, most pet parents can’t or don’t! Don’t worry, we’re here to do it for you, just give us a call and set up an appointment.

Have a Question These Tips Don’t Cover?

If you have a question that these tips don’t cover don’t hesitate to give us a call at (919)870-7000! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

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