Vets in Raleigh NC Are Preparing For Soaring Temperatures!

Vets in Raleigh NCVets in Raleigh NC are preparing for soaring temperatures as we inch closer to the summer months!

What is there to prepare for? Unfortunately, a lot of pet parents aren’t aware of just how severely the heat can affect their pets in summer. This means that vets in Raleigh NC are faced with overheated pets!

So today we want to talk about how you can keep your pet safe in the summer heat!

Vets in Raleigh NC Share 10 Tips For Summer Safety!

Vets in Raleigh NC are preparing for soaring temperatures as we inch closer to the summer months!

1. Never EVER leave your pets in your car! Even if you leave the engine running with the AC on, there is a chance that your car could stall out or your battery could die.

2. Make sure that your dog has access to fresh, clean water at ALL times.

3. Do not leave your dog outside! Even with access to shelter, your dog can easily overheat in soaring summer temperatures.

4. Don’t walk while the sun is out! Walk your dog before sunrise or after sundown. Avoid walking when the sun is up and keep your pet indoors particularly during peak sun hours.

5. If you do spend time with your dog outside make sure that they have access to shade to cool off!

6. Talk to your vet about your dog’s coat. Some dogs depending on their health and their breed may benefit from having their coat clipped during summer months! Plus, we have a great groomer here on staff who can take care of your grooming needs!

7. Pay particular attention to your older pets or pets with respiratory or heart conditions. The heat can be exceptionally taxing for these animals so make sure to keep them cool.

8. Know the signs of dehydration and overheating! Catching these things early can help to prevent them from becoming life-threatening.

9. Be vigilant with pets with shorter muzzles or “flat faced” pets. Pets with short snouts and flat faces are susceptible to overheating very quickly so make every effort to protect them from the heat and keep them cool!

10. Always take humidity into account when thinking about taking your pet outside during summer. High humidity can make it even more difficult for a pet to cool themselves down in high temperatures so keep those pets indoors in high humidity!

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