Thinking of Switching Vets Raleigh NC? Perhaps You Should Be!

Thinking of Switching Vets Raleigh NC? Perhaps You Should Be!Have you been thinking about switching vets Raleigh NC? If not, you might want to start! Allow us to tell you why!

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital in Raleigh, NC, we value every one of our clients and always strive to offer the best service. Not every vet is the same, however, and if your current vet doesn’t fall into that same category, then it may be time to start looking for a new one!

Today we want to talk about signs that you may want to consider switching to a new vet!

8 Signs That You Should Consider Switching Vets Raleigh NC!

8 Signs You Should Switch Vets

1. Your vet should always have the appropriate qualifications and licenses to practice veterinary medicine and you have every right to ask about those qualifications. If your current vet refuses your request then RUN to another vet immediately!

Here at Leesville, we value your business and know that you trust us with the safety and health of your furry family members. We know that this means that you have to be confident in our abilities and we won’t ever hesitate to share our qualifications with you when asked!


2. If your current vet is always in a rush to get you out of the door and ignores your concerns or questions, it’s time to consider switching to another vet!

We always take the time to listen to your concerns and questions and respect the time that you are paying for by not rushing you out of the door!


3. If your vet recommends questionable treatment options or non-lifesaving treatments that you have expressed discomfort with, it’s time to consider finding a new vet! You are your pet’s guardian and your opinion matters. If you express discomfort with certain non-lifesaving treatments, your vet has no place forcing those on you. If your vet recommends a treatment that the veterinary industry as a whole would not advise – for example, feeding your dog a toxic substance to holistically treat a skin rash, then you should not hesitate to question this and move on!

Here at Leesville we never force you into anything you are uncomfortable with. We know that you have your pet’s best interest at heart and if, after educating you as to the benefits of certain non-lifesaving treatments, you are still unsure, we will never push you beyond your comfort level!


4. If your vet is rude or makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to consider switching vets!

Everyone has rough days and that’s understandable particularly in medical fields, but your vet and vet staff should never make you feel uncomfortable or be rude to you on every visit to the clinic.


5. Your vet should know your name or at least the name of your pet! If they don’t make the effort to know your pet, or at least their medical history after a brief scan of their chart, it’s time to move on and find another vet!

Here at Leesville, all of our vets have a vast number of clients, but they make it their job to get to know every one and familiarize themselves with your pet’s chart before addressing the reason for their visit! This saves everyone time!


6.  If your current vet clinic is constantly dirty or has a bad odor, then it’s time to consider switching vets!

Here at Leesville, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our clinic just as every vet clinic should.


7. If your vet puts your pet at risk for any reason, it’s time to seek out a new vet.

If, for example, your dog has an allergy that is noted in their chart and you have reminded your vet of that allergy on numerous occasions, but they go on to expose your dog to that allergen, speak up and move on!

Again, accidents happen, but a vet who willfully disregards information that is at their fingertips consistently should not be charged with the care of your pet!


8. If the staff at your vet clinic are uncaring and inattentive to your needs – for example, texting on their cellphones rather than attending to you while you wait – speak up. If it continues, move on!

Vets are not always aware of the actions of their staff, particularly if staff members wait until the vet is out of the room, but if you confront your vet with your concern and the behavior continues, it’s time to seek out a more compassionate veterinary clinic!


If you are beginning the search for a new vet in Raleigh, NC, give us a call here at Leesville Animal Hospital and let us prove to you why we are the best! You can reach us at (919) 870-7000

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