Chronic Condition Management

Are you facing a chronic condition with your pet?

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital we offer specialized care for a wide range of chronic conditions. Chronic conditions can include anything from allergies to cancer.

No matter what chronic condition your pet lives with, our veterinarians understand the affect that illness can have on your pet's entire system. That is exactly why we cater individual care plans for each and every one of our chronic condition care patients. 

Rather than treat every one of our chronic care patients with the same approach, our vets take your pet's holistic needs in to account. This means that we treat your pet's condition with the best care plan based on their physical, psychological, and personalized needs. The benefit to using this approach is that your pet receives the best care plan for them, rather than the newest or most popular treatment approach. Newer is not always better!

Chronic Condition Management

Chronic Conditions We Frequently Treat

The term 'chronic condition' can refer to a number of health conditions that are long-lasting or persistent in your pet's life. 

Allergies are one of the most common chronic conditions that we treat in our patients at Leesville Animal Hospital. Just like people, our pets can suffer from allergies to any range of environmental stimulus. 
As with humans, there are a wide variety of cancers that can affect your pet. There are many approaches to treating cancer and every individual cancer comes with it's own prognosis.
Chronic Renal Insufficiency
Chronic renal insufficiency is a disease in which your pet's kidneys lose the ability to filter waste from the body and maintain normal levels of electrolytes and water.  
Cognitive Dysfunction
Cognitive dysfunction is what most people refer to as dementia in human patients. Cognitive dysfunction is a disease that develops as some pets age and presents with a range of symptoms similar to those seen in human dementia.
Cushings Disease
Cushing's disease occurs when your pet's adrenal gland (located on top of the kidney) excretes excessive amounts of steroid hormones. Perhaps the most recognized of these hormones is cortisol.
Degenerative Valve Disease
Degenerative valve disease presents itself in pets when the valves of the heart begin to degrade. As the valves in the heart change they change the normal blood flow pattern to the heart.
Diabetes Mellitus
Just as with people, diabetes mellitus occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin for the body OR when the body is unable to utilize the insulin that is being produced. These changes result in your pet's blood sugar being higher than it normally should be.
Obesity is another very common chronic condition that we see in many of our patients. Obesity is classified as a pet that is more than 30% over their ideal body weight. Unfortunately, obesity can frequently cause a number of other significant health conditions.
As with people, osteoarthritis occurs in your pet when the cartilage and supporting tissues around their joints becomes damaged. Osteoarthritis is commonly seen in larger pets, obese pets and elderly pets.
Pancreatitis occurs when your pet's pancreas becomes inflamed and it can lead to the leak of digestive enzymes in to your pet's abdomen. 
Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease occurs when tartar builds up on your pet's teeth and under their gum line. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to the loss of teeth, gingivitis and infection.


If you are facing treatment of a chronic condition with your pet, set up an appointment with us today and allow us to set up an individualized treatment plan with your pet's individual needs in mind.

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