Why Is My Dog Throwing Up?

Why is my dog throwing up? It’s a very common question from dog owners worldwide.

As dog owners, when our dog is throwing up it can be as distressing as when one of our children is sick or even more so because our pets can’t tell us what is wrong. One of the most frequent reasons that dog owners bring their dogs in to see us at Leesville Animal Hospital is because their dog has been throwing up, so today we want to talk a little bit about that.

Sick Dog

So…Why IS My Dog Throwing Up?

Asking why your dog is throwing up is a little like asking the doctor why you are feeling ill, there could be a million and one reasons why you are feeling unwell and in order to find out the answer, your doctor is going to have to run some tests. The same goes for your dog and their veterinarian. In order for your dog’s veterinarian to determine why your dog has been throwing up your dog’s vet will want to run some basic tests and look at some vital information such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, stool sample etc. These basic things will be able to tell your veterinarian whether there is a more significant underlying cause for your dog’s vomiting or whether it is more likely due to something like a stomach upset.

Should You Head to the Vet?

Should you always take your dog to the vet when he or she is throwing up? This is a tricky question because it is always better to be safe than sorry but we understand that sometimes the decision as to whether or not to take your pet to the vet comes down to a purely financial matter. There are some circumstances where you absolutely must ALWAYS take your dog to the vet when they are throwing up, some of these instances include young puppies and older or sick dogs that are throwing up (these dogs become rapidly dehydrated,) dogs that are dependent upon lifesaving medications that are throwing up (vomiting causes medications to be regurgitated,) small dogs that vomit frequently (again, dehydration is a worry,) dogs that show any signs of mucous/blood or foreign substances in their vomit, dogs that appear to be gagging or choking but not producing anything, dogs that have been repeatedly vomiting and dogs that cannot keep any food or fluids down. Of course, if you have a dog that has been vomiting repeatedly for more than a day or so you will want to visit your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is not suffering from anything more significant than a stomach virus.

If you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s throwing up, make sure that you call and speak with your dog’s veterinarian ASAP! You can contact Leesville Animal Hospital in Raleigh, NC at (919)870-7000

Treatment for your dog’s condition will vary depending on your dog’s diagnosis.

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